Eating Junk Food Makes Us Unhealthy Cause And Effect Essay

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Junk food is popular with many people around the world, partly because it is convenient and saves time. Those people who prefer eating junk food rather than eating more traditional dishes, or cooking the food themselves, do it because they are too busy with their work. Junk food, however, is not healthy even though many people, especially young people, like eating it. Although it may be convenient, it is harmful to our health, as the term ‘junk’, which means rubbish, implies. But what many people are familiar with are the wrong things about them, how addictive they are, and also how they are the most damaging causes. In this paper, the reasons for eating junk food and the effects of eating it on our health will be examined.

Research shows that people prefer eating fast food because they think that it is convenient, tasty and can be purchased for an affordable price. One reason why people think it is convenient is that it can be ordered as a take-away to eat with their family and friends at home. Also there are many different sorts of junk foods, but the most popular junk foods are cookies, pies, pasta, cheese, sugar, candy, soda, non-carbonated drink, corn chips, tortilla chips and potato chips while watching a movie, working late at night, playing homework. Besides, there are stores where fast food is readily available and can be collected while remaining inside a vehicle from a drive-through window. For instead, Amazon café Cambodia also has this option like others country.

As the academic journal essay ‘Junk Food’ from Tufts University of Health & Nutrition? ‘Statement, there is a small quantity of nutrients we use together with junk food for every bit of junk food we consume. Vitamins A, B6, Bi2, C, folate, calcium, protein and iron, for example. For example, In reality, the junk food, a source of food that people think is unhealthy, contains these important food elements. Those vitamins help with protection from abnormalities in the immune system, heart disease, maternal health problems, eye problems, and even skin wrinkling. And helping the body turn food into energy, metabolizing fats and proteins and most importantly, helping the nervous system to function properly

As already explained above, the word “Junk” refers to something useless and disgusting, yet one of the reasons why junk food is considered tasty by some people is because it contains large amounts of trans-fats, sodium and sugar, which, however, are exactly what makes it unhealthy. People, however, especially uneducated people, do not realize that these ingredients are not only bad for health but can cause obesity and mental stress. Such stress, resulting from obesity, can develop into depression, but this very state of depression can cause people to eat too much junk food as a way of suppressing, or overcoming, it. Research has shown that fast food can not only result in obesity and depression, but can also cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver and kidney disease.

This in turn causes people to crave more junk food and thus become caught in a vicious circle, which can slow down the brain function and even lead to cancer, but from which it is very difficult to escape. If people prefer junk food as diet food it’s not a good choice and the problem is that people don’t have the right nutrients that the body needs, which makes the food an unhealthy one, since they make the diet on a personal basis. The same idea applies to diets as to junk food: if people don’t take junk food, sometimes even make junk foods their only meal, junk food may be a good food source rather than something which would be damaging to our body.

These are the causes and effects of eating junk food, especially in excessive amounts, which people, especially students and young people should be educated about and become aware of. To be healthy, people should be discouraged from eating junk food, while being educated about and encouraged to eat healthy food that is nutritious and much more delicious than junk food.

Taking everything into account, although eating junk food may be considered more convenient for people who are in a rush, it will inevitably lead to serious health issues such as obesity and cancer, especially when eaten in excessive amounts. By avoiding junk food, people are more likely to remain safe, stress-free and healthy in their lives. However, junk food has economic benefits helps people saving time on their lunch break, save money and provides tasty meals. And contain some good proteins and vitamins.


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1. Junk food can lead to weight gain and obesity. 2. Junk food can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.
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