Paints and Plants: Preventing Graffiti

Updated May 28, 2021

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Paints and Plants: Preventing Graffiti essay

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Graffiti is a form of self expression, which is usually inappropriate and affects the younger minds of the community, which entitled teens have no right to do. Graffiti is a rather large issue in today’s communities, however, there are possible solutions such as painting a mural and planting vegetation. An interesting article about preventing graffiti vandalism suggests painting a mural.

A mural or colorful design is shown to deter vandals more than a blank wall. According to an article about tips and tricks for avoiding being targeted by graffitists, planting vegetation can also cover up a surface ripe for the tagging. A vandal normally isn’t going to tear the plants away to paint on an area that will eventually be covered once more. Vandalism is an opportunistic crime and by limiting opportunities, tagging and other forms of graffiti can easily disappear from a targeted area.

Murals portray a sense of unity in a community, which most graffiti artists prefer not to disturb, especially since it’s rather hard to spy the tag among the cacophony of colors. “Research suggests that painting multi-colored designs or murals on surfaces will discourage graffiti, since tagging is more difficult” (pps.org). It might be challenging to fit graffiti that stands out from the mural, so vandals tend to ignore already painted on surfaces. Some might argue that the vandals could paint over part of the mural in the same color as the wall, then tag it, since people who tag don’t care about the hard work of others.

Although graffiti artists don’t show respect for public or private property, they certianly wouldn’t waste their precious time painting several layers over a chunk of the mural and then tagging it. Changing the mural frequently has the ability to attract more community involvement as well! A mural painting party could bring together a community and give citizens a chance to make new friends. All members of a town or neighborhood can help paint a mural, so it also acts in the role of a social event (pps.org).

Planting vegetation doesn’t just help the environment, but it can also deter vandals too! “Trees, hedges and creeping vegetation can be used to protect surfaces that otherwise would be targets for attack” (graffitieaters.org). In an article from The Graffiti Eaters, it says that planting trees, hedges, and creeping vegetation can cover a surface often targeted by graffiti “artists”. An argument that could be made is that plants could be uprooted and the vandalism could ensue.

Older plants are not only more difficult to uproot, but they can cover more surface area than a less mature plant. Older and more mature plants are larger and definitely not easy to pull out of the ground without heavy machinery, which a vandal wouldn’t be able to have while maintaining stealth. As an added bonus, planting vegetation gives a much more friendly feeling to the area!

Painting a mural and planting vegetation are possible solutions to graffiti. Graffiti can greatly affect a community, so finding a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to fix the problem can help significantly. Vandalism can often make an area seem unwelcoming and even lead to violence as crews, which is slang for a group of taggers, fight for dominance in the territory. A community can quickly turn unsavory if vandalism isn’t prevented from the beginning.

Paints and Plants: Preventing Graffiti essay

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