Negative and Positive Effects of Facebook

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Facebook is a social network service that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. This is the most commonly and popular social network that connects people all around the world, no matter in which country you live. This is considered a very strong network of communication with the ability to connect people across the world. The service has negative and positive advantages to the people who used this website, families, and societies since it is accessed by all the people of the age and experience.

Facebook has some effects and consequences of this network service to the society at large. The negative effects are the criticism that Facebook made is the “lack of privacy” of users. Facebook users put their basic private information which can easily be observed by others. For privacy security, the Facebook authority took many steps. And it is true if the users follow those security options, sensitive information of other users will remain safe.

But for the harder of security options and lack of knowledge, most of the users do not use those security options. The second is that people uses the fake profile to insults or harassing someone, or joking about the religion, or the way they dressed or only make racism comment, in this way create Facebook beware some problems with his service. The Third is one of the biggest disadvantages of Facebook, it is the addiction that causes many problems.

Using Facebook for your need or communication with families, friends or even to stay in touch with your classmates for any homework, this is not bad, but when you waste all day in Facebook becomes bad and the people who are addicted to use Facebook, tend to decrease giving time for their families, some people are so addicted to Facebook that they do not talk to people in real life, their lives consist around Facebook, others just put their entire lives on Facebook as a way of telling when people will be out of their houses because so many people put thinks like “going to vacations all weekend”, and the problem is if your profile is viewable by everyone, someone know that you will be out of your house for a week.


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