My Tenth Birthday

Updated January 8, 2022

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My Tenth Birthday essay

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The most memorable day in my own life was on my tenth birthday, 7/19/11. It is the first birthday we have celebrated in my life and I don’t care that I have to share it with my twin. But it is ok because one thing after another happened to make it important. This day is full of happy memories and a single sad memory. This is how the memorable day played out.

The first was finding out that we were celebrating my birthday for once. After finding out, I wanted to help my mother and sister and they said, “you can help to make and decorate the cake but that’s it” I said “ok”. I don’t care that I only got into making and decorating the cake. I love the satisfaction of making something this was the second reason the day was memorable. When the party started, it was the beginning of the happy memories of the day.

The party was not going to be big, no streamers, balloons and not even a table cover or a gift but that’s not the point. The point was the thoughts that they put into it. Memories are only as good as the bad ones I got a single gift, a simple toy truck. It was such a happy day but all good things come to an end. The end came in the form of the toy truck getting stolen.

The memorable day of my life was wrapped up when the toy truck was stolen. That’s how the day ended. But losing the toy truck could not cover up the joy of the day. There were too many happy memories for it to be ruined; like finding out that I was celebrating my birthday, decorating the cake and getting a birthday gift for the first time. That’s why my birthday was so memorable to me.

My Tenth Birthday essay

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