My FCCLA Leadership Experience

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Leadership is a vital part of success. It is something that can be learned from others, as well as, can be developed over time. Leadership has always been of interest to me. In school, I have participated in many different clubs, such as FCCLA, FBLA, STUCCO, and I have been Vice President of my class for the past two years. I also am currently District President of my FCCLA district. Outside of school I hold down a part time job where I train new people, and teach them the necessary skills. The ability to be a leader is very important and I believe is a positive strength to have. School and work have both helped me strengthen and improve this skill. As a leader, it is important to make sure that others are being benefited by your leadership.

In this essay specifically I will be focusing on my FCCLA leadership experience. The Family Career Community Leaders of America is a student lead organization that is focused around the role of leadership among young adults. I have been an active member in this club since I was a freshman. Towards the end of Freshman year, I decided to run for a district office. The requirement for an officer position focuses heavily on one’s leadership skills and potential. A written test must be completed and passed with a seventy percent, a three minute speech about leadership is to be given, and several applications must be filled out evaluating leadership potential. I was chosen as District Vice President that year, and Vice President of Finance the next year.

While both of these offices were an accomplishment for me, the one I am most proud of was the position I was elected to this year. After going through the election process for the third time I was chosen to be President of my district. Not only did this require much more time and effort, it also gave me ample more opportunities to exhibit leadership. Earning this position was the perfect way for me to help impact my community and help others learn about how to be good leaders. There are many opportunities throughout the year to help teach other students about leadership.

Fall Leadership Conference is one of the first of the year and it is a big event for FCCLA members. As president, it was my job to help put the whole event together. From writing the script to helping choose and book a speaker, I had the opportunity to work with many individuals. On the day of the conference I got to meet many students who were excited to learn about leadership and attend the workshops I had set up for them. I had the pleasure of talking one-on-one with some of them and telling them all about how they could become district officers themselves, and how the position had benefited my high school and soon to be college career. There are many people that helped me accomplish this.

My parents are always encouraging me to push the limit and go beyond what I think I can do. My sister and brother-in-law also support me and help me to accomplish goals. My sister was in the top of her class in high school so she often helps me with any academic challenges that I have. Without them I doubt I would have been able to do this. I also have very supportive teachers at my school, so that makes applying for positions like this much easier. Leadership will forever be something that I take with me and will try to give to others.

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What are 10 qualities of an effective leader FCCLA?
An effective leader in FCCLA is someone who is able to be a role model to others, is organized and has good communication skills.
What are four benefits of being a member of FCCLA?
Some benefits of being a member of FCCLA are gaining leadership skills, learn how to run a meeting, how to plan events, and how to work as a team.
What are some leadership development opportunities students can take part in?
One leadership development opportunity students can take part in is attending a leadership conference. These conferences provide students with the opportunity to learn from successful leaders, network with other like-minded individuals, and develop their own leadership skills. Another leadership development opportunity students can take part in is joining a student-led organization on campus. These organizations allow students to gain real-world experience leading a team, planning and executing events, and working with others to achieve common goals.
What is the central focus of FCCLA?
The most common reasons leading to students committing academic dishonesty is cheating on exams or plagiarism.
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