My College Experience in UTRGV and Future Career

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As my first year, first semester at UTRGV I have learned a lot, especially from this class. It has really helped me navigate through the school. I have learned many things that will help me throughout college and that will continue to help me in my future career as a physician assistant, all of those skills and how it’s better to have a growth mindset instead of a fixed, all of that and many more that I will be mentioning below will help me and will continue to help me throughout my college years and in my future career.

Skills that are important to navigate my college experience and future career. There are many skills that are important, that will help me navigate through college and as well as my future career. One of those skills would be time management. With college I have to go to school, do homework but also spend time with my family and friends which may be overwhelming at sometimes. School is important, but it is also important for me to get some rest and have fun while I can. It does take hard work to earn that college degree, but I can get it done if I just plan well and keep myself organized. Another skill that the university has thought me and will continue to teach me is that I have to do everything on my own, I have to be dependent of myself there is no one to help me. My parents do help me especially my mom, she is a great help she is the one that motivated me and always helps me remember if I have any homework due. Most of the stuff depends on me I am dependent of my success, of me earning a college degree. No one at your college is going to force me go to class or make sure I turn in my assignments. That is all up to me and that means being seriously disciplined. But I would say that discipline won’t go to waste once I have gotten a degree, because it will help me in my future career.

Professionalism: For my college experience & future career. For me to have professionalism I have to develop a problem-solving mindset, as we discussed in class. I need to think critically and approach challenges, and setbacks with a positive attitude. I always hear that people and/or students can gain a reputation as someone who wants to make an impact and get things done, and I want to be known like that too because that will help me in my future career. It will help me gain a job. Another thing that could help me with professionalism is to be a team player. The ability to interact with others in a courteous, approachable, and professional manner will help me enable my work with future colleagues. As I see it living by a strong work ethic while you’re I am in college will help me carry these traits into my future career as a physician assistant. I also need to work on my professional persona. Professors could write my letters of recommendations or they could refer me to specific job prospects which could allow them to develop a positive view of me. All of those things I mentioned are very important but there are others too, some that I have mentioned previously, for example I have to keep my deadlines in check to demonstrate efficiency and dependability, I should also practice my listening skills.

Navigating the institutional system. Of all the things we did in class I would say the first project we did with our academic plan has helped me the most and I know that it will continue to help me during the years I will be spending in college. This semester I didn’t get to use the campus resources, but I will use them later on. All the information provided by Blanca was really helpful without her I would not know that there was the writing center or where they tutor you. I know later on it will be helpful. The project we did in the beginning the “academic plan” like I said before it really helped me. It will continue to help me because I can keep track of the classes I need to take for each semester to help me finish with my bachelors and continue to my masters. Even though I changed majors halfway through the semester and I had already done the project about nursing all of what you thought us will help me. That any many more of what you thought us helps me better understand UTRGV, how it works and their requirements and all of the other stuff.

Life-long learner: learning never ends. The definition and/or the meaning of life-long learning is that we are always inculcating a sense of wonder, where even the little things become a source of love and wisdom. It makes a life well-lived where one becomes kinder to themselves, other people, the environment and the world. Lifelong learning creates an awareness that is necessary for success. Learning from our mistakes is one of the best lifelong learning skills anyone can master. There is so much we can learn from making mistakes. They remind us that we’re human, and that we tried. They show us better ways to think and work, and also provide insights into hidden knowledge and awareness. Trying new things and stretching ourselves helps us grow mentally and emotionally, as do the mistakes that will inevitably come with this. As we learned in class, we must always treat mistakes as opportunities. Everyone has tricks that help them learn. For some, it’s mental repetition, others create a spur-of-the-moment song about what they want to learn. Ultimately there are dozens of things you can do to help you learn better. Goal setting is another one of those lifelong learning skills that strengthens the desire for us to learn.

My journey to college. I graduated on May 2018. My journey to college started before that, it all started my senior year of high school. My senior year was when I had to apply to college, apply for scholarships, and apply for FAFSA. It was so much because for the most part we were doing it all alone, the counselors and my parents helped me too, but we were the ones that had to do all of the important stuff. By the spring semester I got accepted to at least 4-5 colleges which I was very excited. My first choice for college was to go to Texas A&M International but it was going to be expensive living all on my own, and my parents didn’t want me to go either because of the same thing and because they didn’t want me to be all alone, which I understood, so I decided to stay here in the valley and attend The University of Rio Grande Valley which so far has been a pretty good experience.

As the first one to attend college in my family it has made an impact mostly on my little brother. He wants to go to college too, from what I have told him he seems pretty excited. Right now, he is a junior which means he needs about a year and a half to finish, but he is excited, and so am I. Even though my brother is attending South Texas College for college credit I am the first one to go to an university from my family and I am also the first one to attend college from my dad’s side of the family. Which I feel my family is very proud of me especially my parents, they were the ones that would keep motivating me to go to college and to always do good, they were always there even in the hard times.

Coming to college I already had graduated with an associate degree in science from South Texas College, I had many college credits that helped me entering UTRGV. From the associates I had most of my first and second years of college finished. I was still missing a few classes, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. So far, my first semester in the university has been great I’ve gotten to know the school, I still kind of get lost sometimes because I’m just not used to it and it is a big university, but I always find my way, I have also met new friends and also met some great professors.

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