My College Choice

Updated October 28, 2021

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My College Choice essay

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The first choice is John jay College of Criminal Justice. My second choice is Wichita state university. I personally want Wichita state because it’s closer and less expensive. They are both similar because they both teach you what you need. They are different because Wichita state university is closer and I won’t waste as much gas.

They are both similar because they are both colleges for criminal justice. They are different because John Jay College of Criminal Justice I will have to pay more since it’s out of state and Wichita state university I will have to pay less. Because it doesn’t cost as much and it still gives you the knowledge you need for criminal justice. I like to be active in crime scenes because I am a good cop or detective.

In the end I will choose to go to Wichita state university because it’s cheaper and still gives you the knowledge you need to be in the criminal justice field. The only thing I don’t like is that both of them don’t have a football team. I think they have a basketball and wrestling team but no football team.

Wichita state is closer than New York so therefore I am going my college which is Wichita state. I prefer Wichita state because that’s where my cousin went and she said that she had a good education and she is smarter than she was when she went in. I don’t know which classes are bigger and it don’t matter so I don’t care which one I go to but I want to go to Wichita state. My whole family doesn’t care what one I go to I would rather go to Wichita state even though they don’t have a football team. I really enjoy football but I don’t care if I don’t play it or if I do.

I would rather play football but they don’t have a team. I am going to try to get a scholarship but I doubt I will. I don’t think I’m good at any kind of sport. I am good at math and some other subjects but I don’t want to go to school for 4 more years after high school. I don’t really like school the reason I go to school is because I’m forced and to see my friends.

I like 2 subjects in school and those 2 are math and science even though I don’t have a good grade in science. I also don’t like to read because it takes up to much of my time and effort. I love working outside and with other people I like to stand and walk. I cooperate good with others and will be a good cop. I hope that some of my friends go to Wichita state for crime investigation because I want to be roommates with them. Maybe my roommate won’t be that bad and we will become friends and hang out more often.

We could even be best friends.At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation. Wichita State’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in criminal justice combines quality curriculum, applied-learning with local and federal agencies, a flexible online option—and a new location within the Law Enforcement Training Center on WSU’s Innovation Campus. As a graduate, you’ll be well prepared for advanced study in criminal justice and for a wide variety of careers.

My College Choice essay

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