Morality Drives Me Mad

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The topic of morality drives me mad because I grew up in a Christian family who drilled religion into my daily activities such as praying before I eat, going to church every Sunday, and my parents specific set of morals written by their religion of choice. I have had a change in my behaviors, ideas, and opinions towards all of life. I didn’t lose my “faith” until I was sixteen years old, and my existential crisis was a long and scary process that caused me to constantly question my existence, the afterlife, or whether there is a god or creator. What I questioned were merely unmeasurable concepts, not because people do not have the tools to measure god or senses to see him, but rather they lack the knowledge to accurately comprehend how “god” and “heaven” are an idea created by man. God is equivalent to the idea of Santa Claus.

Morality should be right versus wrong, but in the twenty-first century, a clear majority of the population still genuinely believe that one cannot have morals if they do not believe in god or have a religion. Regarding morality, religion should not be the rulebook that depicts what is right and wrong. If Religion was the deciding factor on what is right or wrong, we ignore the fact that religion has the tendency to intoxicate society by forming a faux idea of what human nature should be by setting up rigid rules that cannot be challenged or altered. People either live too cautiously by worrying too much about repercussions of things that do not matter (like sexual orientation), or people will live using their “religious beliefs” as a hall-pass that convinces other believers to dismiss and excuse true immoral behavior.

My parents used religion to manipulate and shelter me, and to also extend my ignorance and “innocence” into my teenage years. I consider my experience emerged in the Christian society as a sheer blindfold to reality. The idea that one can sin and be forgiven but is condemned to eternity of hell because of disbelief in god is absurd to me.

I consider myself an atheist through-and-through because the idea that there are hundreds of religions that are used to manipulate large groups of people who are ignorant to the reality of their own consciousness and place in life is something I combat any time religion, morality, or spirituality exists in conversation. I don’t really like to speak up in class on topics of morality because I’m humbling myself and allowing myself to be ignorant to others, hear others out, and seek different perspectives to greater understand different cultures/religions and how they vary.

My view of morality is that it obviously does not take someone religious to figure out that killing other people is a little messed up and understand that it hurts people emotionally, especially because life is a onetime thing and that not everyone understands that life is subjective to each individual experience. A lot of people use their religious beliefs to justify their morals. People who tend to have faith in a religion or believe in a god or afterlife are ignorant to the level of consciousness they could achieve if they looked at life from an unbiased outside perspective, but fear is a major factor in faith.

People fear there is no god or afterlife, but without stressing it is almost impossible to explain to someone why they would be wrong for their actions if they base their decisions on an ancient text. The fact that the idea of a god or afterlife is an idea, doesn’t change that it is an idea itself. An idea is something that is imagined, and there has never been any proof of a god, afterlife, or heaven. I cannot stress the fact enough: the idea of a god or afterlife is an idea created by men. Religion is used to manipulate large groups of people, there is no way to measure anything of such, and it bothers me a lot that people base their decisions from old books with outdated ideas.


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