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Updated May 12, 2022

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It’s not fair that people from other countries are unable to enter the United States of America since it is a free country, it is a country which has has been called the land of opportunity and has been known as a melting pot since all cultures have been always been welcomed to enter. This is how our country was started today and how it has grown into the nation it is today. Why would we want to change our immigration laws policies? Our country was built from a diverse population and should continue to progress in the same manner, all people deserve a chance to enter our country and work towards their American dream.

Modifications may be needed to the immigration policies, but there should not be a ban, as imposed by President Trump “ on travel from Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and Libya”. How many more children have to be abandoned due to the corrupt immigration laws. Free the people, give children the right to grow up with a father and mother, give humanity the justice it needs. This has been going on far too long let’s make a change. There are flaws in the law, the immigration process is imperfect, it’s time to find a solution.

It all starts with a story. The story begins here September 2010 the phone was ringing I knew there was something wrong while the phone rang. As my mom answers the phone she says everyone come here to us three children. Tears fall down her face “it’s daddy he’s been pulled over and arrested.” Silence filled the room tears then flowed off everyone’s face. I screamed “WHY?” at just 11 years old, how could this be? My mom then answered he passed the white line at the stop sign the cop pulled him over. The officer then asked for his social security card. Officers in the court of law aren’t allowed to ask for anyone’s social security without a warrant.

They are only allowed to ask for someone’s licenses, registration, and insurance. Within two days I had lost my father to corrupt immigration laws. The reason the cop gave for arresting him was because he looked at social society records and found he saw smuggled into the US when he was 9 years old. He had his green card and his society, also he was an active good citizen and taxpayer in the United States a great father and business owner. There are much more children/adults just like me and I’ll stand up, make a stand on the front, speak out for anyone that lost a loved one due to corrupt immigration laws. I didn’t just lose my father I lost my brother and sister also due to the fact they had to move to Columbia also to be with their mother and father.

There are flaws in the law, “Bill Hing, Professor of law at the university of San Francisco School of law, said the way the order has been carried out runs afoul of the Immigration and Nationality Act.” This law is supposed to protect the people that have lawfully received a visa, and or green card, and if the have gone through the vetting process. All of the items listed above take vigorous screenings and it verifies a person’s identity, various questions are asked such as reasons for entering the country, and most importantly there is a screening for criminal history. All border control officials are allowed to question anyone they thick are a threat to the United States, but if anyone presents valid verification of a green card and or visa they legally ” have the right to have an appearance in front of an immigration Judge” (). The constitution does not state it as a right but it in itself is a law.

This law is not being held to any importance to those immigrants. When in the history of the United States has officer officials not obey the law. Not only do they not let immigrants a court hearing, they refused to follow the laws knowing they aren’t allowed to ask for anyone social security card without a warrant. There is protest all around the world trying to stop President Trump from ruining everything this nation stands for. Immigrants have supported this country for centuries economically, the growth of the country into becoming a nation, they have created jobs, they are active taxpayers, business owners like my father, entrepreneurs, doctors, and customers.

“They add trillions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product or GDP, and their economic importance will only increase in the coming decades as America’s largest generation—the baby boomers—retires en masse, spurring labor demand and placing an unprecedented burden on the social safety net” (By the CAP Immigration Team and Michael D. Nicholson Posted on April 20, 2017,). They don’t take into consideration that many immigrants have come to the United State to become free to live the American dream and free themselves the mystery of their home countries. Many immigrants get deported back to their home countries when they haven’t been there for years and they don’t practice the religions and or not conserved, many get shunned and put into jail when deported back to their home country.

Just like my father, he wasn’t in his home country Honduras since he was 9 years old and he spent 36 years of his life in the US. In the United states you are allowed to have tattoos but in Honduras, it is forbidden to do so due to the fact you are put into the category of gang affiliation. My father was not welcomed in Honduras due to his tattoo’s if he didn’t cover his tattoos by wearing turtles necks the police would throw him into jail immediately. He then had to move to Columbia where tattoos were allowed.

The immigration process imperfection, there is a vigorous process to get a loved one into the United States you have to pay thousands of dollars for a good layer and you have to make more than $15,000 a year to sponsor your family member. Many immigrant adolescents are smuggled into the United States by their parents paying a coyote to smuggle them in the US to have a better future and life than they had. Like my father, he was smuggled in at the age of 9 by a coyote, when he was supposed to come into the US legally.

The united States should take into account that young children aren’t in control of their parents’ choices, therefore they shouldn’t be punished and deported. Immigrants with a green card and social security card should not be subjected to their parent’s choices. The solution, there should be a law where children under the age 18 that enter the country illegally have an opportunity to have an education, and truly live up to the American dream. They should be eligible for a social worker to work side by side with them to ultimate success. To help them make a plan and goal to work toward, so they can become successful American citizens.

There should also be classes available for foreign children to learn English and prepare them for the citizenship test. There are also troubled children that get into violence and drugs due to the lack of parenting and the struggles from coming from foreign countries. With knowing this there should be therapy available to all foreign children and anti-violence programs to teach them the dangers that come with being a troublemaker.

There should also be punishments for teenagers at the age of 16 to keep them in check, such as a probationary where they are limited where they can go and an available class to teach them to cope with their troubles and find the cause of why they are acting out and also have a social worker help them make a future plan if they want to go to college or go to a trade school. There should be a cap on how many immigrants can enter the country every year to control the population rate and to make sure there are enough resources available when entering the country. Children should never have to be abandoned by their parents due to the corrupt immigration laws, only in extreme circumstances for instance if a parent is convicted of the murder of convicted of violence.

The child will be eligible for assistance, and placed into a foster care and or placed with a family member. The cost for someone to sponsor someone to come into the county should be cut down. Active citizens of the United States that have a green card and have a social security should be treated as equal as a US citizen that was born in America. Equality is the key to success.

Let us be free essay

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