Legalizing Abortion

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“Where abortion is permitted on broad legal grounds, it is generally much safer than where it is highly restricted” (BAROT ,2015). There are various countries in the world which prohibited the abortion including thailand. Making abortion illegal can lead to a dangerous termination which performed by an unskilled doctors and lacking of medical standard. According to the data by (world health organization (2018), during the year of 2010 to 2014, there are about 25 million hazardous termination each year. The statistic illustrates that approximately 8 million of patient were received an unsafe condition by inexperienced person using harmful and invasive procedure. The consequences of practicing unprofessional abortion was that a high number of women perished and undergo through painful physical damage.

Abortion is a sensitive and controversial issue that many people argue whether it should be legalized or not. However, I strongly believe that pregnancy that happens unwillingly in necessary circumstances would be reasonable for women to abort the child such as a harmful to mother’s health and life conditions and unintended pregnancy. To begin, an essential situation for women to be legally permitted to terminate her child is when their lives are endangered. In some conditions, abortion is the irrefutable solution to rescue the life of mothers. To clarify, unhealthy pregnant mothers who struggling from terrible illnesses should be legally accessed to abortion in order to restrained from crucial medical complications and save their lives.

As noted by an obstetrician and gynecologist at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Erika Levi, the diseases that might put an end to a pregnancy are severe infections, kidney disease, heart failure, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anemia, heart disease, severe diabetes, severe cases of preeclampsia, high blood pleaser and a risk of stroke (as cited in Painter, 2012). There is an interview from Cecily Kellogg, a writer who shared her experience when she was in a horrible situation during her pregnancy. That unfortunate event was in 2004, she said she was almost 6 months pregnant with her twin babies and was facing with a severe preeclampsia. At that moment, one of the twin boys was already died and some of her organs were shut down.

The suggestion from the doctor was to quickly perform an abortion or else no one would survived (Painter, 2012). Moreover, there was a life-threatening stage, such as, an ectopic pregnancy and cancerous uterus which is a risk to women’s life and the termination was the only choice left because there will be high chance that both mother and child will die (Muehlenberg, 2013). For example, as Muehlenberg (2013) stated, in an ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilized egg is misplace in the uterus, the baby is generally lifeless or will be guaranteed to die anyhow. An addition reason to legalize the abortion is the unintended pregnancy. Many undesirable cases of pregnancy occurs to women, for instance, victimization from sexual violences, young aged pregnancy and unprepared mother.

As stated by Fratti (2017), the declaration from Save the Children, NGO that works with children worldwide, noted that pregnancy among teenagers between age 15 to 19 years old were leading to the cause of death because of inadequate quality care and dangerous abortion. Additionally, pregnancy during youngster can negatively affect the school career. A statistic from the CDC shows that roughly 90 percent of students who go for a termination successfully graduate from high school (as cited in THE OB/GYN TEAM, 2016).

Furthermore, unintended pregnancy that often happens to women is the traumatic events linked with illegal practice such as being raped and incest. The victims have to go through embarrassing sexual abuse, for example, raped while they were insensible and beaten during intercourse. As Gluck (2016) said, after they have been harshly assault, the traumatic events severely affect the victims both initial physical injury and psychological injury such as, urinary infections, Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pregnancy, memories flashbacks, and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In conclusion, authorizing abortion would be more beneficial for women to be able to obtain the right to terminate their child and prevent themselves from the unintended situations. Women’s health conditions is the significant reason to consider the abortion as the only possible solution to preserve mother’s life and health. Another advantage of a legal termination is that it helps young teen pregnancy reduce the chance of death because of the severe bleeding, insufficient quality care and unsafe termination. Furthermore, pregnancy from the result of sexual violent circumstances are both physically and mentally damaged, thus the victims might be less painful if they abort the child who remind them of traumatic events.

As can be seen, although abortion is prohibited, people who intentionally need to abort will absolutely find the way to complete the process. As a result, whether making termination legal or illegal, it would not stop people to do the abortion. Therefore, government should make abortion legally available for people in order to prevent and reduce the death rate from an unsafe illegal abortion.

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