It Takes Courage to Oppose Majority Views

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Majority views are mainstream opinions. They are opinions that the majority of people believe. They are powerful and sometimes ingrained. But it doesn’t mean they are completely true. In some cases, they are outdated and wrong. We always say that “Follow your own path, and let people talk”, but it is not as simple as it sounds. It takes courage to oppose majority views.

Majority views are powerful and sometimes ingrained. They are in the majority and have an absolute numerical advantage. When we browse social platforms, such as Weibo, we can see that the majority opinion always dominates. Expressing a different point of view can make a person seem isolated and vulnerable to attack by the majority. Its power and numerical advantage also causes it to become ingrained. Changing most of people’s view is not easy.

Majority views’ power does not means it is complete true. There is no absolute right or wrong for many things, and all opinions are reasonable. We should allow differences and we need different opinions. And sometimes, majority view is wrong. These are times when it is necessary to go against the grain. It is normal to oppose opinion, and majority view is no exception.

Although we said that a man should not go with the stream and should bravely express his opinion, it is not easy to oppose majority views. It takes courage. As we have said, majority views are powerful, and they sometimes want to eliminate different voices. When you decide to oppose, you will face abuse, attack and even death. So the most of people will choose silence or follow the crowd instead of opposing. But that is why opposition is rare and important.

While most people revel in revenge, some peace-loving Israelis have raised objections to war. They have been inundated with attacks and intimidation, but it has brought a voice of peace to the Middle East; The recent event of live streaming of sexual assaults by Didi drivers has caused a stir, with most people believing it without thinking and challenging the Didi company. But a few people bravely suggest otherwise, with some justification that it might be posing. A few voices of reason have awakened many who follow blindly.

Opposing majority views need courage. But we should not shrink from this. In life, when we have different opinions, we should have the courage to make our voice heard.

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