It is Never Acceptable to Show Anger while You are Serving a Customer

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Customer is the most important part of any business. Without customer a business cannot stand on its own. So, customers should be dealt with much respect and humbleness. From the statement in the question “It is never acceptable to show anger while you are serving a customer” is a very concerning statement. Behavior plays a major role in every step of our daily life. It is the fundamental thing every human being should acquire in a good manner. From the context of the question customer service is the most delicate thing to manage.

There is a term called “Customer Delight” means exceeding the expectations of a customer. So, customer service should be handled with delicacy even if the customer is rude. If the customer behaves rude it is not wise to do the same behavior rather it is advised to put on a smile in the face with some pleasant words. This will leave the customer with an amusement after the service which he/she will remember and that’s where the success belongs. That particular customer will come back not only because of the service but the humbleness he/she will get.

I have very few in my experience of a poor customer service. Once this happened, some of the keys of my keyboard was not working. I was facing quite difficulty in working with my laptop. So, I decided to knock them over their social media page. I remember, I sent a text regarding my problem probably around 4pm at that day and got an impolite reply after 2 days.

Then I text them back generously about the pricing of portable keyboards or any other solutions regarding the problem and reply was like they were sacrificing a lot of time for my issue and don’t have much time in their hand for this. They were a renowned store of electrical equipment and I couldn’t take this type of behavior. So, I decided to go to their store and complain about it. When I went there and showed the conversation to the branch manager, they were very embarrassed and made an apology for that type of behavior. In result they solved my problem with a 20% discount on the price and gifted a mouse with a generous behavior.

Customer are the main asset of any business. So, customer must be cared and served with that much generosity and humbleness.


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