Issues about Standardized Testing

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Recently in today’s time, standardized tests are not widely used as it was back then. Most colleges do not see how it is essential or important in checking the capacity of a student’s knowledge in admission tests. Some colleges do section retakes while the rest just do not use it anymore since they have deemed that it does not really measure one’s intelligence. Some parts of America such as New York used these recently for struggling schools.

In a poll that was conducted in New York City, majority of the population of voters voted in removing the Specialized High School Admissions Tests (SHSAT) – the standardized exam was use as a pass for the students to entry high schools. The “test – optional” trend has gained momentum.

Standardized testing is one of the requirements that a student must comply in a school setting. These tests aim to measure how much knowledge does a student have of a field. This also serves as a basis whether a student has learned something or not. However, in the recent researches it was said that standardized testing is not an effective tool for measuring a student’s intellectual capacity.

These tests do not accurately measure how much knowledge does the student have (Lee,2016). It was said that because of these tests, the real essence of teaching is being destroyed for teachers tend to teach only for the students to pass and not to learn anymore (Engleman,2018).

It is essential to tackle standardized testing in order to know if these are still necessary in today’s time. Every now and then the needs of the people change. What might be effective before, might not be now. For instance, standardized testing might be an effective tool before for measuring student’s intellectual capacity but now it is not or vice versa.

In short, the needs of the people change every time that is why it is necessary to know if the things that were done before are still applicable now or not. People must be aware that there are more than these tests, that this should not be a basis as to how well a student is (Byers, 2018).

The objective of this paper is to know whether the standardized testing system is still an effective method in determining the intellecutal capacity of a student. Through this paper the researchers will know if the system needs to be change in which it would be more accurate, for the students to have an equal opportunity in showing their own talents and skills and not just purely depending on the results of the tests for them to be called as a well perfomed student.

Once the issues about standardized testing are settled through this paper, it could give knowledge to people as to whether these tests are accurate in measuruing one’s intellectual capacity or not. It will be seen if these tests are still necessary to take for the students, or the teacher and the school administration should start to think for other alternative that accurately measure a student’s intellectual capcity. The results of the paper would be beneficial for the students, teachers and the school administration.


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