Is the High Price of College Worth It Anymore

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College is very beneficial to someone’s long-term success. The biggest issue many workers have today is being unhappy in what they do. People stay in jobs for years just because the need for money is greater than the need to be happy. Sometimes even being a hard worker in a minimum wage paying job will not guarantee someone will still be working there the next year. College provides graduates with a permanent career and a high salary; however, it is not so simple as it seems to just go to college. There are many factors that need to be considered before even applying to a college. The federal government should offer free tuition because there are students left with student loans, student’s who do not attend college because of money troubles, and the decreases in the work force.

For example, students are left with high amounts of student loans because of the high tuition rates. The reason people go to college is because they want to have a stress-free and happy life in the future. Having a career means getting paid do something that someone loves everyday. The catch is college doesn’t come free nor cheap. Statistics have shown tuition rates in the United States are only less when compared to three countries combined (Eskow). Tuition wasn’t always so high it used to be much lower even including books and housing. According to the New York Times today tuition alone could cost about $10,000 and a private institution can end up being more than $40,000 (Cuomo). That does not include all the extra fees students have to pay during the semester. Students must pay for textbooks/access codes, housing, and food.

Not to mention, more than a handful of students do not make nearly enough to pay for a years’ worth of school. So, in order to attend college, they must take out loans from their school. Loans are very easy to get a hold of but not so easy to return. Studies have shown student loans can end up being more than $35,000 with increases the longer it takes to pay off because of the interest fees (Cuomo). It’s very rare for someone to pay off their student loans within two years. Taking into consideration all the years of money gone straight to paying off loans leaves the chance of people becoming homeless. It’s quite common for someone to die before they finish paying off their student loans.

Consequently, many students do not get to attend college because they do not have the money. Not every kid can receive help for school fees. FAFSA pays about $3,000 of a student’s school fees. Students can attempt to get a scholarship by constructing an essay and end up being awarded with up to $5,000. The only downhill to these is people must qualify for these opportunities. Usually the qualifications that will determine if you qualify or not is the annual income of the household and if the student is a U.S. Citizen. If the student’s household makes too much they will not qualify. They also will not qualify if they are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. This leaves many students with the only option left which is to pay out of pocket. Dennis Frandsen encountered many kids who considered not going to college because they did not want to deal with the hassles of student loans (Clabough).

Furthermore, the hardest qualification to get passed is being a U.S. citizen. Dreamers are a big part of the people who suffer deeply from this. They were brought illegally to the United States as a young child and are given the opportunity to attend school and not be deported as a part of the DACA program. People come to the U.S. to get more opportunities like school or work. Dreamers are of the lower or middle class making it hard for them to be able to afford paying for tuition. With the requirement to be a U.S. citizen for FAFSA, student loans, and scholarships it creates the chance for dreamers to be torn away from a better future. It’s not just dreamers who are driven away from making their dreams come true. According to David Warren sometimes receiving every type of help possible doesn’t make enough to pay for everything which forces students to drop out and remain with a minimum wage job.

As a result, the work force will soon have many positions available with no one to fill them. Jobs used to just require at least a high school diploma for employment. They required the basics of education and less time experience. Colleges now are requiring more credits to be met in order to graduate for peoples chosen major. Some people must go back to school to receive a higher degree because their current job didn’t have work for their degree or payed too little. With the additional classes needed to be taken it also means more money needed to pay for those classes. Delays can occur because of insufficient funds for semesters. This leaves students in the middle of their career because they are short on money and can’t afford to pay for additional classes. A tuition rate can change significantly within a year affecting those students who had to return to school for a higher degree because they probably don’t receive a high income. Not only do they have to struggle to make ends meet which can mean decreasing purchases for food and overall health. They must also remain in their current job for at least three years to even be considered in their career. Georgetown University’s Center found that with all the changes and requirements needed for jobs there is a high chance that by 2020 the U.S. economy will have a decrease of 5 million college workers (Bergeron).

However, many people would agree there are many labor shortages in fields that do not require a four-year degree. This usually applies to everyone besides the high class because someone’s work class determines their education (Mantsios 387). Even though there are many people who enjoy labor jobs and have wanted to work in one since they were little it isn’t the case for most people. Most people work in a labor job because it was their only choice. Immigrant households usually have people who didn’t make it past middle school which shows the hard work people who work in a labor job must go through every day. None of them envisioned their life to end the way it did but it’s what pays for the house and food.

Many people migrated to United States with hardly no education nor money leaving them to only be qualified for a labor job (Schmitt). Labor jobs require many hours to be worked in order to receive a decent amount of money for the week. There are many people who work overtime and still only have enough to pay for bills. Since these jobs are low paying and require numerous hours they leave little to no social life or time for personal self. Not only do these jobs affect people’s interactions but it also affects people’s health. These jobs require long durations of people being on their feet and lifting heavy objects causing back problems. People are prone to machine accidents impacting the rest of their life (Schmitt). They also suffer from hot heat temperatures putting them at risk of skin cancer or getting a heatstroke. Many labor workers are simply overworked and taken advantage of.


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