“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Written by Nicholas Carr

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In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” written by Nicholas Carr discusses the information through the internet has resulted in people becoming slow-witted. The main point that Carr explains are his thoughts on how the internet is risking the people’s artificial knowledge. He begins discussing about the web causing his focus issues, how he no longer can be immersed in a book. The generation in life is surrounded around the internet, blaming it towards his issues. At the same time, saying it is “godsend” because he is a writer. He compares between the past and the present on how he feels it changed not only himself, but others as well and how they are able to understand and focus due to the growth of the web. Carr’s article persuades his readers through his credibility, indirectly referencing Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. He makes a claim on why he thinks it is changing but once again says he doesn’t believe it is a good or bad thing, readers are still unsure of his position.

In the beginning Carr identifies his audience, which is the internet users. The readers can easily recognize when he says, “Over the past few years I’ve had an uncomfortable sense that someone, or something, has been tinkering with my brain, remapping the neural circuitry, reprogramming the memory”(Carr 604) discussing the internet causing issues. The author’s tone is informative and respectful, however he quotes others and loses his own voice throughout the article. The evidence is credible in all experts and his own experiences, only some evidence is relevant to his overall point.

Even though Carr is addressing his article towards the internet users, he knows that everyone can relate to the situation. The people who had cell phones back then and information at their fingertips. Also, the arguments of the use of internet whether it helps us read, learn, and making us write better or is it making us worse as a generation. The internet has made people lazy because they can just find the answers within a couple of seconds. In today’s society, everyone has a device with internet access. You can easily get information on the net, or some might say “Just use google” because who has not said that to their friend.

He is critically making a point that he is not completely opposed to listening or using the internet. It has become our primary source of information that it begins to affect our abilities of reading or learning.

Carr’s objective was to reach out to the internet users to persuade them that the web is not good. He brings in his personal experiences and the knowledge of the invention of the typewriter and the “stopwatch” system made to increase manufacturing productivity. The reason for the downfall for the concentration element and the feeling of the brain changing in a way is due to the internet. His mind is changing because he has everything easier with the use of the web. Just as Carr says the internet has helped him, looking for information effectively on the net than looking through physical copies of books.

The article is informative and technology education, informing his audience and evidences from researches and studies. The information provided is to inform, teach, and make an argument to his audience to affiliate with.

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