Is Ali Brigginshaw a Positive Role Model?

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Ali Brigginshaw is a positive role model to children, teenagers and adults because she influences kids and motivates them to do sports like rugby league etc. She goes to schools and explains what’s good about sports, how to save money, etc.

[image: Image result for ali Brigginshaw]She attends schools all over Queensland teaching kids the history and what could, happen in the future. She attends indigenous programs such as Brisbane bronco’s academy and deadly choices.

She attends programs such as Brisbane bronco’s girl’s academy and deadly choices to help children succeed and to be motivated at all times. Ali Brigginshaws 1st game against PNG at thee Brisbane bronco’s stadium.

She enjoys her job with rugby league and supporting programs around Queensland and Ali Brigginshaw scoring a try against the women’s roosters’ team in 2018.

Helping with people’s mental and physical health she does this by talking to students who struggle. She also works to encourages her team mates.

Ali Brigginshaw is a family friendly NRL rugby league star and a positive role model she encourages kids, teens, and adults she motivates them she has a great personality and doesn’t just care about herself. And helps them with their health.

When she attends programs for schools she explains what she does and how to save money, and all that stuff. She enjoys her job working with students and family. But not only Ali Brigginshaw adores and loves her fans every single one of them.

There first game was in 2018 they ended up winning against their PNG side they ended up making history. Ali Brigginshaw definitely made history in 2018 with her full time job at the Brisbane broncos or a full time NRL star and going through to the 2018 premierships scoring 2 try’s for the whole season.

She became well known in 2018 when they realised a women’s rugby league was a thing (bronco’s teams and state of origin teams!).

Ali Brigginshaw travels not just around to Queensland schools but she also travels to schools in New South Wales, Western Australia so all over Australia.

She supports kid’s physical and mental health either at work or not at work, she travels around Australia most the time and introduces herself to both male and female students and teaches them, take them out for fun games, how to focus on both sports and school etc.

Ali Brigginshaw is defiantly a positive role model!

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