How Does the Hero’s Journey Archetype Fit with Percy Jackson: Lighting Thief

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When non-supernatural people have their world expand tenfold, they usually run the hell away. Not Percy: this guy a beast, and. He doesn’t back down for anything! When Percy finds out that his father is one of the big three (Poseidon), he doesn’t freak out at all. Instead, Percy toughs it out. If u do not know what the Hero’s Journey it is the common template of a broad category of tales and lore that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. Therefore, the hero’s journey helps us determine whether Percy is morally ambiguous, it shows that he is not normal. It also helps us look into things in more depth. Percy Jackson’s Lightning Thief.

All great heroes come from ordinary worlds, and Percy Jackson follows this same concept. This story follows the hero’s journey archetype by including every single part of the Hero’s journey starting with the ordinary world to crossing the threshold to a new world. Percy Jackson starts as a “normal” middle school child who faces the same kinds of issues that other kids his age face; for representation he has ADHD and dyslexia, he has family turmoils at home, and lastly he gets molested at school. He even tries to help his best friend, Grover, who is getting molested. Then comes to call to adventure, there are two calls of adventure in this book. This is the first call to adventure in this book, when Percy Jackson’s Pre-Algebra teacher attacks him and how that was a call to adventure was that Percy used his powers without realizing that he even had them.

The second call to adventure was when Percy got accused of stealing the master bolt and get barraged by more fury’s. But I will focus on the first call to adventure. The refusal of the call is when Percy’s mother is not allowed past the boundaries of camp half-blood. The acceptance of the call is when Percy’s mom tells Percy to go complete the quest Percy is assigned to do just before perishing. And so Percy accepts that his mom is gone and promises to do whatever in his power to complete the task and bring back his mom from the underworld. The meeting with the mentor and allies, well Percy has a bunch of mentors and allies here are their name (Chiron the person who teaches Percy, Grover his best friend, Annabelle Percy friend, Luke which seems to be a good friend and teaches Percy sword fighting and how to use his sword but later betrays Percy). The crossing the threshold is when Percy crossed the threshold by entering a special world, Camp half-blood.

The tests and enemies on his journey, the test in his journey is when he has to fight all the monsters and obstacles on the quest which helps Percy learn how to use his powers, The enemies on his journey are Zeus, Hades, Aries, Luke. The approach is when Percy, Grover, and Annabeth travel to the underworld and approach Hades doing and Hades. The road of trials in the book is when Percy has to deal with Gabe and fight the fury the reason Percy has to fight the fury because he got accused of stealing the master bolt and the fury wants to get the lighting bolt back to their lord(Hades) even though Hades is evil in this story. Then comes supernatural aid which is technically only Chiron and Luke but Luke teaches him then betrays which is kinda off. There are some friends that help Percy but are not supernatural Annabeth is one of them Annabeth is kinda like the caretaker, but she is also a fierce combatant and Grover then comes in, Grover is kind of like the friend who is supposed and assigned to protect you but doesn’t Grover is weak and bony but still, Grover is Percy’s best friend.

There are two supreme ordeals on this journey the first one is when Percy has to fight Ares the god of war and the second one is when Percy has to go to the underworld and fight Hades. The reward that Percy gets is getting his mom back and getting praise for his dad (Poseidon). In this book, there is not a temptation to stay Percy was compelled to leave because his mom was sent back to his house, so he urgently left. On the road back Percy goes to camp-half blood to pick up his things from his cabin and visits Luke to say goodbye but Luke takes Percy somewhere in the forest and betrays Percy and reveals that Luke is the lighting thief.

Therefore, with all this information it shows that some books can follow the hero’s journey exactly or similarly. With this book in specific this book does not follow the hero’s journey word for word but this book surely does use a lot of parts in the hero’s journey archetype. This book is very similar to other books which follow or use the hero’s journey archetype with in is completely normal in these types or books. With this information said farewell and goodbye.


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Percy Jackson does experience the hero's journey as he is called to adventure, meets a guide, and overcomes obstacles.
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Percy Jackson is a hero archetype. He is the main character in a series of books by Rick Riordan.
What characters fit the hero's journey?
In the hero's journey, the character is typically someone who is reluctant to embark on the journey, but is called to action by some external force. The character then faces a series of challenges and obstacles, before finally achieving some sort of victory or understanding.
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The daughters have learned that their mothers are strong and resilient women who have overcome many obstacles in their lives. The mothers have also taught their daughters to be independent and to never give up on their dreams.
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