How Do The Choices We Make Impact Our Lives?

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“Worry ends when faith in God begins” – Unknown. In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines that the quote fits in with Grant, who is a teacher, because in the book he was made by his aunt Tante Lou to go and visit Jefferson who is in jail and is going to be executed. Jefferson’s godmother, Miss Emma also wanted Grant to go to “teach” Jefferson how to become a man. Grant made the choice to actually go and help Jefferson because he had no other choice which by him doing that lead to so many things and Grant believing in God.

Our essential question, How do the choices we make impact our lives and the lives of others? FIts in perfect throughout the book because Grants decision of him going to the jail cell to help Jefferson did impact his life and Jeffersons at the end of the book. Grants choices affected Jefferson and they’ve also impacted him. My choices have impacted myself and others as well. My mom has helped me with having more faith and actually believing. She did something that I would have never thought of. And with the help of Jefferson those choices led Grant to become closer to God as help. It all just connects which I’m going to explain more about later in the summaries. The character I decided to choose was Grant because he made a major choice of going to visit Jefferson which led to many other important things. Him going to visit and try to teach Jefferson at the end of the book resulted in him believing in god. Him going to visit Jefferson in jail taught him many lessons like how to value life and that life isn’t fair. Because his case wasn’t fair and part of it or well most would have been because of racism because in the book it said that he had a white judge “A white man had been killed during a robbery, and though two of the robbers had been killed on the spot, one had been captured, and he, too, would have to die” (Gaines 2 ).

I think it’s really important because that is something that I can compare myself with. And the last quote “My faith is in you, Jefferson” (Gaines 31) That quote really stood out to me because that’s saying or Grant believing and having faith. Like that’s showing to Jefferson as well that he has faith and believes.

In addition, I have made many choices in my life that have really affected me and others as well. Me and Grant have made a choice of actually believing in something. Me and Grant both started believing in God. At first I did not believe in God or I did just like not that much. On November 29, 2019 around 8:30 I got on a bus to go to a retreat that was for church my mom signed a paper on Monday that was for this retreat and I did not have a clue until she woke me up and told me that I had to get ready. I was so nervous because I myself was not exactly sure what I was going to expect or do. I didn’t even know that this retreat was going to be about learning or connecting more with god. When my mom took me,I was thinking so many bad things and I didn’t want to go. But the 3 days that I was there it was amazing and I really loved it. And I feel that now, I believe more in God and that I’m getting closer to him. And I feel as well and also seen a change in myself. I feel free, good, and that everything is going to be okay. Thanks to my mother I feel changed, I feel that i’ve physically and mentally have gotten better. That whatever I had,the worries all of it have left me and now I’m just trying to enjoy life and make it the best because it’s only one. Like how in the end of the book Grant believed in god because of Jefferson. Because of the words Jefferson told Grant it made him feel differently and gave him a different view of life. In conclusion our choices will almost always impact others and not only ourselves. Grant and I have a similar choice which was to become closer to God. Although Grant’s situation was different it still is the same because it had to deal with which was god. His choice was to start believing in god because he felt so bad about Jefferson’s execution . When Vivan told Grant to tell his students to pray the day of his execution, I feel that that might have changed him in a way because then he cried in front of his students and that for him is saying that he’s going to connect with them and be less strict. Jefferson really helped Grant a lot and has helped him realize many things. My mom led me into something that I came with a negative mind, but thanks to her I believe and have faith now. I’m now the happiest I can be and am living life the best I can.


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