Homemade Fitness

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Whenever we hear the word ‘fitness’, we can always associate it with gym. But why? It’s because most of the people found their way of having a well-toned body by going to it and requesting help from an instructor. People aim fitness because it gives them a fulfillment in their well-being and also improve their overall health condition.

But there are circumstances that may hinder a person from going to a gym. It might be financial or just a lack of time due to a busy schedule. However, over the years, people have been consequently formulating exercises that helped them stay fit without laying a foot on the gym floor.


It became a trend for most housewives since it permits them to lose calories without even feeling exhaustion. Zumba is a mix of dancing and aerobics. It’s a fun way to reach your goals for your body; so fun that you won’t even notice that you’ve been doing an exercise equivalent to using a treadmill in a gym. Majority of the people who practice Zumba on a regular basis have made it a part of their lives. There have been more and more Zumba classes available on local areas and even online.


Yoga has been a popular exercise for people since the earlier times. It relieves you from stress and also works on your flexibility. Yoga combines relaxation and a deep stretch. Most of the yoga classes also use sounds of the nature to enhance the experience. There have been hybrids of yoga throughout the years, one of these is floating yoga which makes use of cloths to suspend yourself in air. But whatever type of yoga you use, there is one thing for sure: it will shape your body and mind in the right way.


Pilates is an anaerobic exercise which means that it won’t target your cardiovascular fitness. Instead, it works on your core muscles. These muscles are the foundations of the other parts of your body that’s why working on your core muscles improves the stability and coordination of your limbs. Pilates makes use of leg lifts and curls. Also, it will make you look taller by working on proper posture.


There is a type of weight that cost nothing: body weight. Calisthenics is a workout which make use of the weight provided by you yourself to gain tonus. It is an equipment-free exercise which means that you can practice it anywhere you want. A calisthenics workout targets its own muscle groups just like using a gym equipment; may it be in the form of a HIIT cardio, a full body workout or an isolation exercise. People who have no money to pay for gym and time to go to one have found wonders in calisthenics.

These advancements in human exercise have been working greatly for different people of different needs. A workout is a way of taking care of your body. It helps you look fit and also make you healthier by breaking down bad cholesterol that might build up in the arteries. You can start trying them out! Fitness is already free; it is open for us to grab.

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