History of Two Art Period

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What is art? Art is something that is created with imagination and skills and that is beautiful or that expresses ideas or feelings. In art, there is nothing called wrong, each person may have a different view of the piece.an artist will draw something that he may find unique or special and in his own terms not anyone else’s. there are many different types of art, some different types of art are animation, architecture, some difference types of art are animation, architecture, assemblage, calligraphy, ceramics, computer, sculpture, and others.in art there are many styles that may be used, for example realism, impressionism, popart, minimalism, photorealism, fauvasim, abstract, romanatism.

Art History

Art has a huge history, there are many periods of art. Lets start with before 500, which was ancient art. After that period, it was Medieval art period which lasted till 1550, but in 1440 renaissance art took place in some areas in Italy but in 1550it was well-known. In 1600 Braque art was introduces and ended in 1725.however in 1720, Rocco art period started, but it didn’t last long, only till 1760. Neoclassical art, which was a really nice and long period of art, was between 1760 till 1830.after neoclassical art, romanticism took place for 50 years. In the 1800,s the academic art was known also in some places. Realism is one of the shortest period that stayed between 1840-1870.actually, the shortest session was the pre-Raphaelite art which was only 6 years (1848-1854). In 1870, it was the beginning of modern art. Between 1870 -1900, it was the impressionism period. After that, post-impressionism and also symbolism took place (from 1880-1920). During that period, it was also fauvism stage. Expressionism, futurism and cubism started in x1905 and ended in 1925.


Let’s start with renaissance, renaissance was the period in Europe between the 14th centuries when there was a surge of interest in and production of art and literature. Renaissance means “rebirth” or “reawa rening “in French. The first quote of renaissance in English: “a style possessing many points of rude resemblance with the more elegant and refined character of the art of the renaissance in Italy “.The century before the renaissance affected it a lot because it was particularly dark with years of wars, that killed nearly 25 million people, 33 percent of the population at the time. Also, the renaissance period faced a lot of problems, such as religious wars, political corruption, inequality, witch-hunts and corrupts Borgia popes. Most people who lived through the renaissance did not view it as the “golden era”. In addition to that, renaissance was a known period of groundbreaking exploration, with the discovery of new lands outside Europe by famous explorers, such as Christopher Columbus. A lot of scientific discoveries was there in that period.

Some of the important scientist are Galileo galilie and Rene Descartes, they promoted a new view of astrology and mathematic. In the 15th century, it focused more on literature and music-less on art. Some important English renaissance were William Shakespeare, john Milton, William Byrd (for music also) and William Tyndale (he was translating bible into English). Renaissance art focuses on the “humanism”, which is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, it generally prefers critical thinking and evidence over acceptance of dogma or superstition. In renaissance, fresco and mannerism was really known. Fresco is a type of wall painting in which color pigments are mixed with water and applied to wet plaster.as the plaster and pigments dry, they fuse together and the painting of the wall itself. mannerism is a style of art that characterizes the deliberate distortion and exaggeration of perspective, especially the elongation. Renaissance art has many characteristics. lets begin with the use of realism and expression. In painting for example, emotions that they use depicted in faces.

Artist try to make humans look natural and life-like, so that they look very realistic and midity. The second characteristics would be the use of perspective in their work. Perspective in their work. Perspective means adjustment in size. This allows artist to convey images that appear there dimensional on a two dimensional surface. By looking on painting using the technique of perspective, we will see the idea of depth, and the background seems smaller than the people. The third characteristics is classicism. It’s the replication of classical style from ancient Rome and ancient Greece. There are a lot of secularism and balance or symmetry if the artist used the technique of classicism. The forth characteristic is Indi dualism. It focuses on the emphasis on the individual –singular subject.it works hand by hand by the idea of individualism.an example could be the monallism.in individualism it focuses a lot on humans beauty. The fifth characteristic is the of light and shadow. they use light and shadow to create depth and make it look three dimensional. We also see a lot of chiaroscuro, which is the contrast between light and dark colors. Number six is complex arrangements. In complex arrangement, there are a lot of things going on the picture like people who are moving or talking, there are a lot of complex interactions going on in the picture.it can be very busy, there are a lot of details because there are a lot of things going on.

The last characteristics I will be talking about, is the use of naturealism. A lot of the artists in the renaissance nutaralize nature as the soul focus of their artwork or use it as a background. There are a lot of famous artists in renaissance. Lets start with Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter, artichitect, musician, mathematician, polymath, inventor, engineer, automist, botamist, writer, geologist and cartographer. One of his famous artworks are the mona lisa, the last supper, bacchus, a doctoration of the magi annunciation. Also, da vincii, was famous in sculptures. His famous sculpture is horse and rider. The sculpture generally describes a horse and a men riding. his purpose of the sculpture is to explain how humans can look amazing on animals The second artist is Michelangelo di Lodovica Buonarroti Simora. He was an Italian sculpture, artichect, poet, painter, and engineer. Michelangelo has amazing artworks, some examples are david, the creation of adam, Sistine chapel ceiling. The artist is Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, or known as Raphael. He was an Italian painter and architect of the high renaissance. His know artwork are saint George and the dragons, Sistine Madonna, the school of Athens, Galatea Aldobrandini Madonna

Modern Arts

Another era that I will talk about is the modern art period. Modern art is not only a chronological era in art history, but also a philosophical movement. In Western culture, “modernism” describes a collection of genres all dedicated to the same basic agenda challenging the classic art. For centuries, people built up strict standards of what was or was not art. Then, in the nineteenth century, something changed. Artists began to push the boundaries of traditional assumptions, reject standards of art, and explore new modes of expression. It was a modern movement, and a huge transformation of art. Modernism has a great history.

Many art historians credit the origins of modernism to a mid-19th century French art movement called realism. Realist painters rejected the traditional subjects of fine art, like mythological heroes, historical figures, wealthy patrons, and painted scenes of the common people. While the traditional conventions of painting are obeyed, this new subject began a tradition of challenging the definition of fine art. Few years after realism, France decided to put a new movement which was impressionism. Rather than a clear landscape, the Impressionists painted a landscape as a collection of blurred colors, with the goal of capturing the essence of a single moment in time through light and color. In this case, the subject was more traditional, but the painting technique rejected the Western assumption that fine art should be highly representational. There were a lot of famous artists in the modern art.

Lets start with the best artist which is Pablo Picasso. He was Spanish, and well known for the changes he make in every single piece. His art work was very unique and special. His master piece was Guernica, which he painted in 1937. Other famous art works of Picasso are Les Demoisselles d’Avignon, it was done by 1907, and the weeping women which he did in 1937. Another artist that was also well known is Vincent van Gogh. His nationality was Dutch, and the master piece is the starry night, it was over in 1889. Van Gogh famous works are the sunflower series and irises series. In modern art, there was men and women artist. A really unique artist was Frida Kahlo. She was Mexican. Her famous artworks are self- portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird, and the broken column, both of these paintings were produced in the 1940L10944. Her masterpiece is the two Farida’s which she produced in 1939. Henry moore, was also known for his sculptures, his famous sculpture is the double oval. The double oval was a basic sculpture with bronze color.


To conclude, there are a lot of differentiation between renaissance and modern art. Renaissance art seems to focus more on the human as an individual, while modern art takes a broader picture or one with no humans. Modern art is in general more polarized than Renaissance art. Instead of subtle gestures delicately painted into a work, today’s artists make sure that they either get their point across strongly or that their work remains entirely unclear.


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