Healthy Food and Junk Food

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Food is the most important thing in our life’s. For much people fast or junk food may be appropriate, but healthy food is better for maintaining your weight, getting the right amount of essential nutrients in your diet and keeping yourself healthy. Being healthy keeps us active and energetic. That is why we must take care of everything we eat so that it doesn’t affect our health. Do people really know what they are consuming? I think that if the population knew this, they would understand the reason for the increase in obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, gastritis and many more. This is mainly due the way we feed ourselves; but mainly, because we are not careful at the time of consumption.

Having healthy habits is not as easy as having a bad eating habit. We have around us hundreds of sweet products, fast foods, drinks with high sugar and processed foods that make us tempt most of the time. Society has turned junk food into part of everyday food, because this type of food is easily accessible and processed, without saying that these foods are much more pleasant and tasty for the palate, which produces an addictive effect on people who consume it. That is why in our country, people left aside the consumption of a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating healthy is not just a matter of losing weight, but it’s a lifestyle in which you have a balanced diet, it benefits the burning of calories and offers the body what it requires to stay healthy and fit. Do you have trouble imagining how food affects your life? The body needs a daily intake of nutrients, proteins and fibers that junk foods can’t give to you because does not have the elements to be even be considered as healthy.

Junk food is so addictive that people prefer to stop on a local fast food, than buy healthy food and make the meal on their home. However, if we talk about prices on fast food a hamburger is cheaper than a salad. That is the problem with the food systems, you tried to be healthy but is more expensive. This gets you to have to get a hamburger, fries, pizza hot dogs and food that is unhealthier. That is why you need to compare what foods are best for you and your body. Even some “healthy food” is not 100% natural or organic because it has chemicals to persevere the food. If we compare a coconut with a chocolate bar, which one is healthier? Even though both have high calories the coconut is much healthier and have more benefits than a chocolate bar that with time you will gain weight, have acne on your skin, feel tired and it can even give you a disease.

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