Hatred of Marginalized Groups Towards Transgender People

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The rise of the current Presidential Administration headed by the 45th President of the United States of America Donald Trump, has given these older generations the opportunity to voice their negative opinions of the marginalized groups thorough law and less order. Since President Trump’s rise to power hate crimes of these marginalized groups have skyrocketed and only keep rising in numbers. Not only hate crimes but also hate laws which are hidden as religious freedom laws are being strengthened and growing in numbers. Laws such as HB2, or House Bill 2, which is keeping Transgendered people from being able to legally enter a bathroom where they feel comfortable in or the court case, which has made it up to the supreme court, Master Cake Shop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commision where a baker at Master Cake Shop refused to bake a same sex couple a cake for their wedding on the bases that it is against his religious beliefs and he feels he is protected by the First Amendment stating Freedom of speech and religion. Even though Jack C. Phillips is protected by the First Amendment, the only reason why he refused to bake the cake is due to his personal belief that marriage should only be between a man and woman.

What these laws are doing is suppressing LGBTQ+ culture through discrimination in an attempt to keep LGBTQ+ people from expressing themselves even though they have the right to do so. These laws were never introduced until after Marriage Equality was finalized across all 50 states.Something which twenty years ago it would have been dangerous to do so, yet, we as America, have failed to protect our own fellow Americans because it is believed to be wrong, unnatural, and perverted to love someone of the same sex as yourself. These laws are a act of hate and a way for the GOP to feel more in control of American Peoples lives.

These laws are mainly directed towards LGBTQ+ groups but they do not stop there. Trump’s actions such as terminating DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and TPS, or Temporary Protected Status. Both of which protect immigrants from Latin America whom fled war and poverty stricken countries in hopes for a better life for themselves and their children. The termination of these programs put many at risk for mass deportation which is expensive and can put these people in danger if forced to go back. In El Salvador, MS-13, a gang consisting mainly of Central Americans, have taken the lives of Central American-Americans for either failing to stay in America or from pure jealousy that they were able to have a better life in America. The termination of DACA and TPS may cause first generation Americans to want to further dilute their Hispanic/Latino identity in hopes to appear more white as a way to avoid backlash and hateful comments and crimes from their white peers. Not only do Hispanics/Latinos have to fight their way to prove to others that they are American but so do Muslims. After 9/11 Muslims have had to prove that are nothing like those at fault of the terrorism which accord in 2003 – present time.

Mosques, a place of worship for Muslims, have been burned down simply because it was a Muslim Place of worship. Although, it can be argued that these hate crimes are not an act of hate but an act of fear; this can be debunked though getting to know and understand what Islam truly stands for. Simply being educated by the world around us can help alleviate fear and help acquire knowledge and understanding; but, because of fear many Muslims are selected for “random searches” by TSA at airports, they had to fight the Muslim ban from airplanes, and even trying to seek refuge such as the Syrian refugee crisis currently at hand. We are turning away people in need because of fear of the unknown. We are committing hate crimes on a innocent people majority based on the guilty few. Being a proud American does not automatically make you a racist, uneducated, bigot. Being proud of your culture, religion, and sexualty does not make you any less American. What makes you less American is allowing your fear, hate, and complete disregard of the different world views around you blind you. Having pride in yourself and doing your absolute best to better understand others is the most American concept that has been long forgotten. America was founded on freedom for everyone not just a select few.


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