Government Should Provide Free Educational

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The cost of education could be a much-debated issue. Whereas a few think that government ought to bear all the costs and give free instruction to everybody, numerous world governments are constrained to depend on much costly private instruction due to need of reserves and foundation. In my opinion, education ought to be free but as it were for the financially in reverse areas of the society. Therefore, governments should provide free education to everyone because of some parents can’t afford expensive tuition fees. However, if education was free more students would be in school. First, free education will beneficial the students have good future and they can get scholarships. Free education can let students easily get a job in the future.

Due to many jobs have minimum educational requirements, and without meeting these requirements, students won’t get an interview. Example, students who want to work with government, a bachelor’s degree will be required for 60% of employment. Even if you already meet the minimum educational requirements for a job you want, exceeding requirements — especially with advanced studies in a field related to your field — can make you an attractive job candidate, increasing your chances of finding a job. If students have good results, they can borrow money from the government such as PTPTN or choose EPF to continue their studies without paying back. Next, students can earn money on their own to pay educational fees. They can work part-time to pay their educational fees by without relying on family. Secondly, free education will make the country’s economy develop better.

Countries economy will recognizing a strong growth annually. Higher education will continue to play a key role in economic development. As we start working towards the new sustainable development goals, we will need professionals across all sectors example : doctors, teachers and engineers will be vital to our future success, and education is central to producing those professionals. However, education is an investment that reverts to countries and governments. Students after graduation they can work as a government employee. Education allows for greater social mobility in democratic countries, especially those that are underdeveloped and developing. Moreover, education allows for greater social mobility in democratic countries, especially those that are underdeveloped and developing.

Thirdly, free education will benefit society. Someone that is poor would have a better chance to attend school and become someone of ambition and intelligence. Nowadays, many poor family because they can’t afford expensive tuition fees so they decided to give up their studies. Furthermore, students can get a job with that secondary education instead of being an idler. In fact, education helps students become a useful member of society. An educated member certainly has a greater chance to contribute to his community. Education helps students become an active member of the society and participate in the ongoing changes and developments. Lastly, it can create more job opportunities for the citizens so a result there would not be any need for migration to seek job.

In conclusion, there are advantages that government provide free education. It can help student parents whose can’t afford the tuition fees and help them get through the difficulties of poverty. Education should be out there to inspire people’s minds and not just filling their head with others perspective. Every individual has the right to learn and be educated, and have the opportunity to view this world in a different perspective and do something on their own. Therefore, the government should provide free education to everyone.

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