Gattaca Movie Summary

Updated November 23, 2021

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Gattaca Movie Summary essay

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Gattaca starts out by depicting the type of world the viewer is going to be traveling in. Before we learn much about the circumstances of the main protagonist, and how he gets to where he is going; we learn beforehand where it is he is involved (Gattaca). As if the beginning of Act 2 is shown briefly in the beginning of Act 1 to help better understand the world we are in. It then jumps to a mother and a father and their quest through child birth.

Essentially the whole first act of the story is about a boy, born of natural circumstances (no genetic modifications), and his brother (born genetically altered). Gattaca shows the battle of the main protagonist, Vincent, has with not only his brother, but societies view on “God born” children. With aspirations of joining Gattaca, an elite space program, he enlists, but his physical limitations restrict him from joining. He finds a “borrowed ladder” (Jerome), a person with physical properties (DNA) many would dream of. He gets accepted into Gattaca, ending act 1.

There is a murder at Gattaca; where Vincent’s eyelash is picked up through the investigation. The investigators discover that there is an “in-valid”, he is now at risk of being discovered. This whole act is structured around Vincent pretending to be Jerome, and defying the odds that society has bestowed upon him. All at the same time a top investigator is searching for him. He is only a week away from leaving the planet on his journey to Titan.

We follow Vincent through this whole film as he overcomes everything that is put in front of him. That is until the lead investigator (Vincent’s brother) discovers who he is. The transition from act 2 to act 3 is when the two challenge each other to a swimming competition, where Vincent prevails. Showing that a person born of natural birth can overcome anything through shear sprit and determination.

Someone else is arrested for the murder at Gattaca and Vincent is left off the hook. He is about to board the ship when he is administered one last urine test. He uses his own urine and fails the test; however, the doctor allows him to pass because his own son is born of natural birth and suffers from a disease. Vincent is a perfect example of how anyone can do anything. Vincent boards the ships and takes off on his adventure.

Gattaca Movie Summary essay

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