Future Benefits of Alternative Energy

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Let’s look in the future fifty years from now and imagine what the world is like. Envision a world war with no end in sight. The reason responsible for this war is simple, oil. The whole world is hostile over those last few reserves of oil. This is can be easily stopped by the use of renewable energy. One of the most well-known sources of renewal energy is solar power. Solar power has the possibility to develop into the United States’ chief source of energy and eliminate our needs for a more “old school” and destructive methods in terms of generation of power. We as a country have been functioning by guzzling limited fossil fuels, but what is going to happen when we have run the preverbally pot dry?

Renewable energy, by definition is energy that is not exhausted after its use, rather it is infinite and more environmentally friendly than all other source in the history of energy. Undoubtedly it is costly to kick start the movement of clean energy, however there are immeasurable advantages and benefits extending from small scale of individuals to a very large scale with global affects in going entirely renewable. Almost 7000 years ago the earliest documented use renewable energy was utilizing wind power to steer ships over water (Darling).

Nonetheless, renewable energy has been around long before humans walked the earth in fact renewable energy has been around since the earth came into existence via, the sun, wind, biogas, biomass and much more. Energy that can be coupled to generate electricity, fuel, heat and other chemicals with considerably less bearing on the environment is known as clean energy. Back in 2014, renewable energy sources accounted for fourteen percent total electricity use in America (“Renewable Energy Sources”), which was a four percent positive gradient from the previous year.

With that being said we as a country are still rather far behind in the concept of renewable energy compared to countries like Iceland, Costa Rica and Norway just to name a few. The year of 2015 was very successful for all these countries as they all were able to run on renewable energy by ethically and environmentally making the most out of their land’s resources and using the lands volcanos to harvest energy (Rosecrance & Thompson 7). As one of the major economic powerhouse and one of the principal users of fossil fuels in the world we as a country need to make larger strides and follow in the footsteps of the other countries, in adapting to clean energy not only to as a way to advance the economy and environment but for the health of the country as a whole.

As a consumer, it is natural for one to be concerned about venturing away from a dependable form of energy and converting to something new that has not been explored until recently. Renewable energy can not only make money for the country through various industry, but it can also help save money in the long run. 1.7 million job prospects can be created alone by an investment of 150 billion dollar into this new industry, helping diminish the unemployment rate in America by a single percentage (Pollin & Heintz).


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