Destructive Nature of Evil

Updated January 14, 2022
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Destructive Nature of Evil essay

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Evil as deception applies when people fail to submit to a greater power and instead try to control others. Evil takes place when these individuals attack people threaten their self-concepts. The different between exclusion, dreadful pleasure and deception faces of evil is that in deception face, there is a failure to submit to a greater power or authority. The similarity between all these evil is that they all lead to destruction.

Bureaucracy evil is carried out by the administration or who those in power. In this evil, organizational members commit a heinous crime while undertaking their daily activities as “good” and “responsible professionals. Unlike the dreadful pleasure, exclusion and deception face of evil where the main perpetrators of the evil are aware, in bureaucracy evil, the key perpetrators of the evil commit the evil as part of being ‘responsible’ and ‘good’ professionals.

The difference between the bureaucracy and other faces of evil is that in bureaucracy, the perpetrators of evil feel do not intentionally engage in crime but instead they commit the crimes as part of obeying higher authorities (Adams, & Balfour, 2014). Evil as a choice is based on the belief that evil is predominantly dependent on an individual choice. Such people decide to do evil without being coerced.

Finally, the focus of evil as ordinary is the situational factors that cause otherwise normal individuals to engage in crime. According to this face, people engagement in evil depends on different situational factors like the power of the system to promote crime, peer pressure, and the resolve to obey authorities. This face of evil is the overall one since it holds that everybody is capable of engaging in evil activities as long the necessary situational factors exist.

The overall picture of evil that emerges from this analysis is the fact that regardless of how people view evil, it is destructive and should be avoided at all cost. Also, it emerged that all people can commit evil is the necessary situational factors are put in place.

Destructive Nature of Evil essay

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