Three Reasons that why Starbucks Successful in China Case Study

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First reason that why Starbucks is successful in China is that launch a perfect approach that they combine Chinese unique tea culture. As a matter of fact, coffee is more considered as Western drink compared with tea. However, a majority of Chinese are enjoying and loving tea for their whole time and a lot of them are not familiar with coffee culture before the Starbuck was introduced to China.

The Starbuck win the competition since they realize the importance of marketing strategies when they entry a new market. Starbucks would conduct a through pre-survey that study the local culture and local consumers needs. More important, they would study local purchasing power and purchasing habits and every factor that may effects the local customer’s purchasing choice.

With the survey results that Starbuck conducted, the Starbucks is smart enough to use Chinese unique tea culture. The Starbuck launch drinks that combine green tea and other Chinese unique ingredients. The strategy is successful that new drinks with Chinese ingredients become popular in a short time.

The second reason that why Starbucks is successful in China is that the Starbucks. In 21th century, Starbucks is more than a choice of drink and it is more considered as a fashion choice. In other words, different generations go to the Starbucks store and order the coffee because they think it is a fashionable choice.

After a decade, having Starbucks coffee is becoming a culture even though the Starbucks coffee flavor is not all in a good taste to its customers. All in all, drinking in Starbucks is considered a culture, which is a part of modern culture.

In addition, the Starbucks make their store’s atmosphere relaxing, which makes their customers tend to sit down and have a drink. The atmosphere of Starbucks is applying an emotional appeal to draw a standard that Starbucks respect their customers and they would try their best to provide a perfect place for their customers to order drinks and relax a little bit.

Third, Starbucks try their best to attract more customers and keeping them as loyal customers. The Starbucks carefully choose their store location in order to attract customers. For instance, they would choose a crowded business districts since there might be a large number of potential customers based on the large population. Otherwise, the Starbucks would choose a less crowded district yet has a number of potential high-income customers.

Furthermore, the Starbucks has different strategies to apply to different areas. Starbucks would put the weather into their consideration of opening the new stores. For instance, the Starbucks choose the northern part of China then they would consider the cold weather that happened a lot in the northern part China. The Starbucks would open a new store at the northbound direction.

The road easily freezes at lower temperature and it is hard for people to walk on the frozen street. However, the sunshine would come from the south side and the frozen ice would easier to melt compared with the frozen ice on the south side street. As a result, people tend to walk on the street without any frozen ice, which would the Starbucks easily get more customers.


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What did Starbucks do in China to encourage success when entering the market?
In order to be successful in China, Starbucks first needed to gain a clear understanding of the Chinese market and what Chinese consumers were looking for. They did this through extensive market research and by partnering with local organizations. Additionally, they tailored their offerings to fit Chinese preferences and created an experience that would appeal to local customers.
What makes China an attractive market for Starbucks?
The Chinese market is attractive to Starbucks because of its large population and growing economy.
Why Starbucks has been successful?
1. Starbucks has been successful because it has provided high-quality coffee products and excellent customer service. 2. Starbucks has also been successful in creating a strong brand identity that has resonated with coffee drinkers around the world.
Why was Starbucks so successful in China?
The business plan format is a document that contains a business plan. The business plan outlines the goals, strategies, and tactics for starting and running a business.
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