Food Safety Problems in China

Updated May 29, 2021

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Food Safety Problems in China essay

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In contemporary China, with the constant progress of the society and the further development of economic globalization, people’s diet culture has become increasingly rich and colorful. The quality of the food has been more and more people’s attention. Food is the material basis of human survival and development of food safety is closely related to public health and the national economy and people’s livelihood. However, the food safety problems have occurred frequently in our country, the food safety situation is not optimistic, why? What should we do?

In recent years, a lot of bad food safety problems have taken place in our country. Kentucky Fried chicken ‘Sudan red’, ‘sodium formaldehyde in tofu, dumplings in the’ poisonous green vegetables ‘… More dangerous is the ‘melamine’, it is not only present in high amounts in milk, also exist in the eggs. These diverse food safety issues, like the global outbreak of the financial crisis, across the earth, to people’s life and health has brought serious influence, more affecting everyone’s heart.

So why do so many food safety problems? What is the root cause of the food safety problems? Let’s have analysis. At first, producer’s level of production is not high. The producer’s production level and management water level are not high, and various problems will occur in the process of production, processing, transportation and sales. Second, food regulation is low and poorly regulated.

China’s food management system has the defects of segmented supervision and multi-head management, and the relevant legal system is not perfect, thus giving bad businesses a chance to take advantage of it. Third, consumers lack awareness of food safety, some consumers don’t pay attention to this knowledge, and some consumers don’t have the ability to buy good food.

When faced with these problems, how should we solve them? Here are some of my Suggestions. At first, we should strengthen the integrity system and create a good environment for food safety. As a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, strengthening honesty can play an important role in the market economy. Second, we should constantly improve the legal system and strengthen the government’s administrative enforcement of the law.

And then, Food safety must be ensured on the basis of improving existing relevant regulations. Third, raise consumer safety consciousness, increase the strength of public opinion propaganda. Consumers should give up the psychology of greed for cheap, eliminate the psychology of luck, and form the value orientation of quality first.

Food safety events exposed by the system problems and lack of moral, also issued a warning signal to the whole society. We should attach great importance to this phenomenon. food safety is a vital event, eat the rest assured, safety, healthy eating, this is the public’s strong desire and the pursuit of a common health, is also an expression of the social civilization progress. we should be adequate attention to food safety problems and their feet on the ground firmly to solve this problem.

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Food Safety Problems in China essay

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