Factors That Can Affect Child Development

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Poverty affects a child growth and development because families that are poor may not have enough money for food, heating or clothes. Families with little money have to restrict what they buy.

Social economic status of a family contributes to the quality of the opportunity a child gets. Studying in better schools that are more expensive definitely has benefits in the long run. Well-off families can also have access to better learning resources for their children and they can afford special aid if the kids need it. Children from poorer families may not have an opportunity to good educational resources and good nutrition to achieve their full potential. They may also have working parents who work too many hours and cannot invest enough bonding time with them.

The environment plays a vital role in the development of children and it shows the result of physical and psychological stimulation the child is getting. Some of the environmental factors dominates early childhood development. The physical surroundings and geographical conditions of the place the child lives in, as well as their social environment and relationships with family and peers. It is easy to understand that a well-nurtured child does better than a deprived one; the environment children are always in contributes to this. A good school and a loving family helps to build in children strong social and interpersonal skills, which will help them to excel in other areas such as academics and exciting activities. This will, of course, be different for children who are raised in stressful environments.

The sex of the child is another major factor affecting the physical growth and development of a child. Boys and girls grow in different ways, especially around puberty. Boys tend to be taller and physically stronger than girls. However, girls tend to mature faster during adolescence, while boys mature over a longer period of time. The physical structure of their bodies also has differences which make boys more athletic and good for activities that want a certain ability. Their temperaments also vary, making them show interest in different things.

If a concern is not responded to correctly, or ignored completely, this could have a detrimental effect on the child or young person’s future development. Furthermore, if a child is not following the expected pattern of development, this could be evidence of a hidden problem; for example learning difficulties, mental health problems or even abuse.

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