Essay on Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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In the story ‘Two Kinds,’ Amy tan write about a daughter and a mother having an intricated relationship because the mother pushes the daughter into various activities she does not want to be part of, hoping that one she will reveal a concealed talent. Even though the daughter initially complies with her mother’s endeavors, she soon realizes she is unable to engage with her mother’s demands to be a prodigy. One day the mother was watching The Ed Sullivan Show watching a Chinese girl playing the piano and encouraged her to take piano lessons. When she learns how to play the piano, her mother invites all couples from their social club to witness her debut. She was lionhearted when her turned came in. Everything was going great until she hit the wrong note, everything went downhill and she red-faced herself.

After the humiliation her mother made her went through she refused to keep practicing the piano again, and this lead to a heated confrontation. According to the mother “[There are] only two kinds of daughters…those who are obedient, and those who follow their own mind” (7), she wanted her to become the “obedient daughter”. Subsequently, after hearing that, she lost her mind wishing herself to be motherless and be dead similar “to the babies she [her mother] lost in China”(7), after hearing that her mother became speechless and never asked her daughter to play piano again. On the daughter’s thirtieth birthday, the mother renders the piano her daughter used as in the talent show as a birthday present. She was unwilling to take the piano back, but later on, she did because it represented two things: a sign of her mother’s pardon and as an award that she won way back for stepping up to her mother. After her mother passed away, she tries to play the piano once again and finds out that she can play passably realizing that she did have the talent at a younger age, she just chose not to show it as a way to say no her mother’s demands to be a child prodigy.

Conversely, the mother chose she wants her daughter at a youthful age to have accomplishments over happiness. Parents who make their kids experience a rough childhood can affect them as an adult later on causing them to have metal conditions and problems in future relationships. Something missing in the story does not demonstrates is the relationship between the father and her daughter. How was the connection between them? For what reason did he not confronted the mother after the pressure she was putting her daughter? These points would have been helpful for the reader to fathom the anecdote about the bond this family had.


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