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Puritan Society in “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

”Young Goodman Brown” written in 1835 by Nathaniel Hawthorne is said to be one of literature’s most reliable portaits of seventeenth-century Puritan society. The tale appeared for the first time in the April issue of ”New England Magazin” and was later included in the short story collection ”Mosses from an Old Manse” in 1846. Hawthorne…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Faith and Satan in “Young Goodman Brown”

The “Young Goodman Brown” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne was a short story that was published in 1835. This detailed story starts off during one after hours night discussion that is dealing between the devil and a man. Reading this you can tell that it is what the story consists of. However, if you really dive…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Nathanial Hawthorne and His “Young Goodman Brown”

Nathanial Hawthorne was an American novelist and short-story writer who wrote famous works such as “The Scarlett Letter”, “The House of Seven Gables”, and “Young Goodman Brown”. Hawthorne was considered by many to be a dark romantic since most of his stories are heavily focused on sin, morality, and religion. Hawthorne’s writings bear distinct traces…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Character Analysis in “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown recounts the riveting vision of a Salem young man. In a dream, Goodman Brown comes to a defining moment with evil and is forced to observe the nature of evil in the world. An analysis of Goodman Brown’s character reveals that every man has at some point in his life…


Young Goodman Brown

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Theme of Sin in “Young Goodman Brown”

The time that Goodman Brown’s journey takes place and the use of symbolism helps in the realization of sin in others. ”Twixt now and sunrise’ and ‘of all nights in the year”(Hawthorne) are both phrases spoken by the Protagonist Goodman Brown. Both the phrases imply that the journey that Goodman Brown embarks upon happens to…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Psychoanalysis of Young Goodman Brown Analytical Essay

Being as my major is psychology I can break this down to a deeper meaning. In a psychology class I learned that our subconscious does try to tell us things that we need to know through dreams for survival. Sigmund Freud has said that our subconsciousness tries to tell us things through dreams. Here I’ll…


Young Goodman Brown

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“Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ambiguity and deception play a major role when making a snap judgement on a community or society. What this means is that a society can look fine on the surface but there can be a whole other world when you take a close look and question aspects of said society. Throughout the short story “Young…


Young Goodman Brown

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Theme of Confidence in “Young Goodman Brown”

Young Goodman Brown Brown’s childhood and amicableness are symbolized by his name. Dark colored’s childhood proposes that he is an uncorrupted, honest young fellow, guileless and new at life. H ‘he speaks to the youngster’s presentation into human ways. It is vital that his blamelessness ought to get from his childhood. Likewise, Goodman (utilized some…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Puritans Mindset in “Young Goodman Brown”

The Salem witch trials of 1692 were one of the darkest times in American History, fueled by Puritans tragic mindset. The story “Young Goodman Brown” has rich gothic descriptions, portraying many dark and sinister thoughts that Puritans possessed during these trials. Hawthorne left no detail out in his writing and allowed room for deep analysis…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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“Young Goodman Brown” and “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Often in works of Literature, there are comments made by critics about particular choices the author decides to incorporate into the text. Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American novelist, dark romantic, and short story writer in the 1800’s. However, his works were often experimented with a broad variety of themes and genres. Hawthorne was one of…

Short Story,

Young Goodman Brown

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Nathaniel Hawthorne

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"Young Goodman Brown" is a short story published in 1835 by American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story takes place in 17th-century Puritan New England, a common setting for Hawthorne's works, and ...


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Short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Young Goodman Brown” functions as an allegory of the fall of man, from which Hawthorne draws to illustrate what he sees as the inherent fallibility and hypocrisy in American religion. Hawthorne sets up a story of a man who is tempted by the devil and succumbs because of his curiosity and the weakness of his faith.

This is an allusion to the biblical book of Exodus, in which sorcerers in the Egyptian Pharaoh’s court turned their staves into serpents to intimidate Moses. Moses and his brother Aaron also had staves capable of magic, but that power was believed to have come from God rather than the devil.

Tone and Style: In “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorne’s narrator takes a measured, serious tone. Even more serious and earnest are the utterances of the Puritans themselves, who speak with an innocence and directness befitting their religious leanings.

Young Goodman Brown takes place at the end of the 17th century, around the time of the Salem Witch Trials. How do we know this? Because some of Hawthorne’s minor characters—like Deacon Gookin, Goody Cloyse, Martha Carrier—were real citizens of Salem.

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