Eating Healthy Habits

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Healthy food affects you in multiple ways. In this research paper I will be talking about how healthy foods affect you in good ways. I picked this topic because I feel like people are eating healthier foods less and less in this society. I get it why people are eating less healthier because there mostly surrounded by fast food places. The cancer percentage has increased. I think that it is how people are eating that has a big part in the percentage increase. Fast food places are all the over the place and it is cheaper than buying healthy greens.

There are many ways to be healthy. A individual with no eating restrictions, a healthy, varied diet focuses on whole, natural foods and includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins and limits saturated fat and sugar. This will improve your life span and reduce the chance of getting diseases. In the article it said “Specifically, a healthy diet can expand your life by significantly reducing the risk of many chronic diseases, which are the leading cause of death and disability in America.” In other words this means that healthy diets affect your physical health by reducing your chancing of getting diseases. I encourage people to go on a healthy diet. A good resource for healthy foods is the farmers market. Most of there foods are all natural and good for you.

A healthy diet has a very good impact on your physical health but it also has a impact on your mental health. Fruits and vegetables affect your mental health in a good way according to EBioMedicine. In the article it explains “a healthy diet can reduce the risk of depression and act as part of an effective treatment plan for the disease.” In other words this means that a diet prevents the risk of depression and is a working treatment plan for the disease. That statement might not make sense but some foods trigger the release of chemicals that mediate your moods. When I read this I thought it was crazy because I never knew that some certain foods can have that big of a roll in your body.

Eating well can help keep your energy levels high throughout the day and can prevent sudden blood sugar spikes. Staying hydrated is another really important part of staying healthy. In the article it explains “ Drinking water throughout the day, rather than just when you’re really thirsty, helps you stay alert and can prevent feelings of lethargy and fogginess.” In other words staying hydrated has a big part in your mental health. If you dont drink alot of water then you will get these symptoms dizziness, confusion, dry mouth, dry skin, and have a chance of fainting. Water has a big part in a healthy diet.


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