E Commerce Solution for Mobile Retail Industry

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Group Members and Brief description

In today’s fast-changing business environment, it’s extremely important to meet the ever-growing demands of the customers in the most effective and timely manner. It’s the age where our customers wish to see the business online and have instant access to products or services of their choice. Mobile Retail Industry is an e-commerce website, which retails various mobile products. This project allows viewing various mobiles available enabling registered users to purchase desired mobiles instantly where they can add their mobiles to the cart and get their items shipped after payment. This project provides an easy access for Administrators to view the orders placed and monitor the mobile inventory.

This is a project with the objective to develop a basic website where a consumer is provided with wide range of choices for mobile. We have developed this application to know about the technologies and to apply class concepts to solve real world problems. The document will converse each of the underlying technologies to create and implement an e-commerce website. The user will be a registered as customer with us and he or she will be able to buy mobiles by placing an order online. Firstly, we worked on the entity relationship model to understand the flow of the website. The tables required for the backend where decided. Secondly, the DDL where executed. Once this stage of the project was completed, values were inserted in the database. After the database was ready, we started implementing the front end (Interface). The modules created at the front end where in sync with the requirement of the website.

Tools Used

We have used HTML5, Bootstrap and ASP.NET for the front-end implementation. C#, MySQL, Entity Framework and Dapper.NET were used to create the database for the backend.

‘E-Commerce Solution for Mobile Retail Industry’ is an online mobile store wherein a registered user can shop for the desired mobile from a variety of options provided. The mobile will be delivered to the user’s address. The user can either be a Family type or be a part of Business. Each user can have more than one address associated to his profile where we classify the addresses based on Postal Code, State, City and Country. This process would be executed, and the services would get delivered accordingly.

Background Information on the Project

As we see that, it’s a new trend where every product or services is been tried to be sold online, we came up with this idea of the online mobile store with simple interface which is easy to understand and use by the customer.


The online mobile store has the below mentioned categories:

Unregistered Users

a. Will be able to view the rates of the mobiles.

b. Will be able to register in the system to make any purchase.

c. Will be able to login if they are already registered with the system.

d. Will be able to access the information which is on the login page.

Registered Users

a. Will be able to login to the website.

b. Will be able to place the order for the desired mobile.

c. Will be able to view the current order generated, after the payment.

d. Will be able to update their phone number, address and email-id which is registered with the online store.


System and User assumptions

a. The Customer is allowed to choose only one product and buy it.

b. The system availability is 100%.

c. All users have access to the internet and the system.

d. The system works in all browsers.

e. User information is protected by privacy terms and will not share with third party.

f. Users are familiar in registering their online account.

Business Model assumptions

a. The user to place an order should be a registered user.

b. Business Category Type is Service Type only.

c. The orders placed are successfully delivered to the customer address.

d. The delivery address can also be viewed for every order that were placed.

e. All customers have at least one address.


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