Donald Trump is a Dictator

Updated July 17, 2021

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Donald Trump is a Dictator essay

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Launching an attack on the NFL, its players, its owners, its coaches, is unprecedented and unpresidential. It’s not typical of a politician to in fact declare war on sports in America. But as you already know, he’s not our president—at least he’s not mine. Our sad nation is greatly influenced by Donald Trump, an evil dictator whose rallies are not about his political agendas but about his oversized ego.

The nation, it seems, is standing up to Donald Trump, outraged by his comments about players’ protests. He is mad at athletes for exercising their right to speech. It’s true, but it’s glaringly clear he’s not mature enough, or maybe he’s that damn dumb, or even that illiterate not to understand the First Amendment, which prohibits denying freedom of speech and the press.

Such was the statement on Friday, at a rally in Huntsville, Ala., when Dictator Trump called on NFL owners to fire any “son of a bitch” who knelt during the national anthem. That’s a fireable offense. A growing number of Americans aghast by Trump’s idiocy and insensitivity is owed a heartfelt apology. He can make preposterous speeches and threats without being held accountable for such insulting remarks as white supremacists sadly endorse him. He can call Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals.” He can mock a disabled reporter during the 2016 campaign. He can enact new restrictions on travel to the United States in attempt to ban foreigners, particularly Muslims, and initially justify the travel ban by saying it would keep our country safe. But it’s seemingly not alright for NFL players to take a knee during the national anthem at pro football games.

America wants a president. Not a disturbed, deranged lunatic. By that, I say a majority of voters believe Trump is unfit to serve as president. His unscripted comments are cruel, demeaning and alienating. It’s getting so bad that you can’t stand it. You are now feeling sick to your stomach. You are now cringing in anger or even disgust.

Given what might be Trump’s dictatorial disposition, judging by his behavior and his explosive rhetoric, he’s not rising to power to “Make America Great Again.” That’s a damn lie. It’s all a BIG lie. It’s divisive. It’s nefarious. It made no progress in significantly diversifying our economy and our education and our citizens and our workforce —and now, in this case—sports, in his efforts to use that platform to divide a nation.

The last thing he’s worried about is making our country great again. That tired defense is getting old, and getting old fast, and only a fool would take anything he says as a fact. His political views are secondary at best. At least, it seems Trump is more focused on perfecting his unprincipled persona and the expansion of his own celebrity. That’s because his obsession with his public image remains his top priority. Ever wondered why he dwells so much about ratings and whines worse than a toddler about negative press released by the media? That’s exactly why.

You can say he likes being the center of attention but hates the criticism. You can say he’s a pathological narcissist, or an attention whore who truly believes our nation revolves around him, which makes it perfectly fine for him to attack anybody and say whatever the hell he wants. Never before have we had a man in the White House, to my chagrin, who justified his condemnation of white supremacy.

Now, in what I believe is the sad truth as well, the white supremacists view this man as a leader. It’s sad to say right now, in America, in the White House we have an ideological problem. Trump speaks of white supremacy and neo-Nazism as if it’s the tenor of American values, blinded by willful ignorance and antipathy. His racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia and xenophobia equated with stupidity are disturbing and sickening. There’s no denying he’s a vile racist, a sexist and a fascist.

Hardly ever does a racist reveals the truth about his or herself, but judging by his or her actions, words and body language gives him or herself away. What’s materializing right now, in our nation —as much as I hate to say it—is a white civil rights movement. And thanks to Donald, America is a divided, dark place as the racist and anti-Semitic whites are not wearing masks or hoods, unafraid to show their faces. His supporters and firm believers will give him adulation and applaud him for everything he says.

They say to keep politics out of sports, but it’s not much of a surprise that the undauntedly self-obsessed not-my-president picked a fight with the NFL. Now, after engaging in combat with the sports world more than three days ago, he’s losing the fight with NFL and NBA players. On Sunday, they kneeled, they held hands, they locked arms in solidarity, they dropped heads and an entire team refused to take the field. They are not only taking a knee or disrespecting the flag to protest against Trump’s anti-rant but to show unity and stand for equality for all. They are tired of police brutality, unarmed black men getting gunned down by white officers and now a sanctimonious dictator.

Some believe kneeling is a way to take a stand for social injustice and for change in a messed-up, wicked society. Then, you have your anti-protesters who believe it’s morally wrong, disrespectful to our military and un-American. I know what’s un-American. Dictator Trump.

More and more, it seems athletes have zero to no respect for a man who surely doesn’t respect himself. It was always lurking beneath the surface that he’s a well-documented racist. If you take Trump’s words seriously and don’t believe he’s a bigot, then you’re ignorant and just as racist. This is a man who condemned the violent attack on a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Va., and didn’t even bother to visit, or at least take flowers to the scene and send his profound condolences to the victims’ families.

His election was a victory for white nationalists. As broken as our nation is, he’s at war with the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry especially. No chance will he make peace with the defending NBA champions. It’s understandable why they plan to skip the visit to the White House since Trump is a resident. He’s made it known that this country is not built on freedom or justice.

Turns out most athletes and coaches, unlike not-my-president, are speaking out against racism and current events dividing and affecting us as a country. It’s encouraging to see most athletes and coaches voice their displeasure, especially around what’s happening and willfully and rationally speak out against Trump. It doesn’t require a college degree but only common sense to see that this man lacks a moral compass on race. It’s also true he’s dangerously mentally ill, say psychiatry experts. Mental health experts say Donald is “paranoid and delusional.”

He’s also racist. He’s a pretentious, egotistical dumbass who puts his name on buildings and features on magazine covers and makes a fool out of himself on national television. He’s a dummy with billions who never met the qualifications to serve as a damn president.

Donald Trump is a Dictator essay

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