Contribution of Technology in Education 

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Today life is no longer simple because we involve technology in our daily life. Without using technology, we may struggle to make our way through the day. nowadays it is reaching a new level of advancements and is taking over everywhere .Technology nowadays is an important education tool. Basically, without technology education would be so difficult to be achieved . technology is not only important for schools it is used also in big universities around the world so how did the technology contribute in education? It is used for primary actions but can also make tasks easier for students. Researchers showed that when technology is combined with classrooms students feel more interested in their studies.

Technology helps frequently in education. In some schools and universities, students are able to use their laptops or pc’s to make their assignments, browse the internet to search on their topics, complete their homework by using Wikipedia and even communicate with their teachers, This makes it easier than searching using books or dictionaries. For example the new ipad trend, it is light in weight and smaller than the pc but it can carry a huge amount of information. although it has a lot of positive affect but it has some negative affect too , these technology devices may distract some students attention from studying as they might play games during lectures But as its always said that it’s up to the person using the technology.

Secondly technology helps teachers and professors themselves, instead of carrying a bunch of documents and files everywhere they can organise them in their laptops , it’s easier , lighter in weight and more organised. They can prepare their lectures as pdf or power point and manage timings easily using specific applications on their laptops or ipads. They can monitor students by plotting cameras in each class. This will make students focus more on studies and even reduce bullying.

E-learning is a new method schools ,and universities use. E-learning is the progress of using electronic technology devices to access educational curriculum at your home or outside the traditional classroom, there are many ways used to describe the distance learning that is delivered via internet to the electronic devices where the professor or the teacher teaches his students through video call meeting ,assignments and homeworks meanwhile students attend their meetings and submit their work in the application that the school provides. As i mentioned e-learning is the method most of the countries are using, due to a disease called ‘’covid-19‘’, social distancing is the only way to avoid it so people didn’t stop learning they used electronic learning to finish their education curriculum.

Technology has greatly improved to the purpose that it’s additionally helping those kids who didn’t start school yet. There are alot of video games and instructional videos for the little kids that help them to prepare for school and additionally offer them an advantage on their education. You can see that, children nowadays are a lot more advanced, they recognize such a large amount of stuff at a younger age. Yes, there can be a few negative points of technology however this is the future we are talking about , it’ll continue to improve and it might build even more impact in our lives within the next few years.

To sum up, using technology in educational systems has no limitation ,having access to other informations outside of the book improves and enables learning at all levels for people of all backgrounds .Collaboration and communications tools connects teachers with students and learners ,in fact it makes learning much meaningful and fun ,in this time after technology has improved students must use it to survive primary ,secondary and post-secondary educations. Although it has countless advantages ,it has some disadvantages too .in my opinion as i mentioned before using technology depends on the user himself.


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