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Climate Change Within the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals

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Climate Change Within the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals essay
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Climate change poses enormous risk to the development of sustainable environment and its substantial impacts unfairly weigh down the deprived and vulnerable. It is also vitally eminent for us to take drastic solutions to oppose climate change and its impacts in order to significantly achieve all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Climate action is a multifaceted with damaging effects endangering the achievements of the other dimensions of sustainable development. Non-fulfillment to take urgent measures will cause climate change the potential to retrogress the current headway already made in working in unison for the planet success and tranquility. Climate change has alarming health implications. This accounts to the hike in infectious and non-communicable diseases. Battling climate change will help revamp the overall well-being of humans through synergy with the other proposed goals for sustainable development.

When we succeed in taking climate action, we will not only alleviate and intensify buoyancy to negative effect of climate change. But in turn, surge sustainable development progress. Taking climate action can help achieve food security and ensure no one goes hungry and safeguard communities from severe weather events. Climate action can also make us more prosperous.

With reference to the events happening globally, households and large scale industries now account for greater energy efficiency and there will be concomitant avenue for job creation through renewable energy and recycling initiatives (WHO, 2017).

Moving away from fossil fuels and using resources more sustainably can reduce the negative impacts of our unsustainable actions thereby making the planet beneficial and safer. Through climate action, we can foster a more peaceful, unbias and inclusive societies. Also, good governance of natural and environment resources in a sustainable manner can reinforce peace building and safeguard access to basic human needs in areas where resource scarcity can potentially contribute to instability. Climate action gives the avenue to address global challenges through building new formidable partnerships.

This creates equal opportunity for experts on climate change and sustainable development to help us identify possible synergies and improve conflict resolution and harness bright moments.
On the contrary, if climate actions are not carefully planned, there could be resultant negative inference that are therefore critical to view climate action through the lengths of basic dimensions of sustainable development (UNFCC, 2019).

We often debate that Sustainable Development Goals can only be maintained if good health and well-being are ensured, which will depend much on effective vector control as well as on the resourcefulness for clean water and sanitation (Goal 6), sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11), climate action (Goal 13), life on land and biodiversity (Goal 15), and the others. Enterprising advances being implemented by different sectors will be needed for the control and elimination of VBDs; specifically those championing healthy environments (Pruss-Ustun et al. 2016).

Appreciating that climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies can have influential benefits for both health and environment confers policy options that can be potentially be more economical and socially acceptable than those that in turn solving these priorities single-handedly. For example, policies the move and extend geographical range of vectors, through transportation and livestock trade needs multi-level coordination in addressing global change pitfalls.

Climate Change Within the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals essay

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How does climate change affect sustainable development goals?
Climate change affects sustainable development goals by increasing the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, reducing access to clean water and food, and exacerbating poverty and inequality, making it difficult to achieve the goals. It also hinders progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving environmental sustainability.
How does climate change relate to sustainability?
Climate change relates to sustainability in that they are both long-term problems that need to be addressed. Climate change is a threat to sustainability because it could cause irreversible damage to the environment.
Is climate change part of SDG?
Yes, climate change is part of SDG. SDG includes a goal to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
What is the main focus of the climate action sustainable development goal?
Yes, The Tempest is anti colonialism because it is critical of the Europeans who came to the Americas and oppressed the native people.
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