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Climate Change and Enviromental Issues Argumentative Essay

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Climate Change and Enviromental Issues Argumentative Essay essay
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The threat to our survival is more pressing than ever before in the history of human race. This is due to the extent of damage that human beings have caused to the environment in order to extract the benefits of natural resources. The biggest sign of this the global phenomena of change in temperature and climate factors, collectively known as climate change. Theoretical if the temperature rise from the earliest 18th century record to the beginning of the 22nd century is 2C then the results could be catastrophic. This temperature change is termed as global warming and its wider impact on the climate has caused the researchers and policy makers to accept the grim reality of our environment at the moment. The cause of such development has been gross abuse of fossil fuels and chemical enhancements that has made planet at the brink of inhospitability. Most of the developed countries have been greedy and irresponsibly in accepting their role in destroying the natural resources and overall balance.

Some of the effects of climate change include inconsistent and unpredictable rainfall, rampant drought conditions, extreme hotness and coldness, extinction of animal and plant species, fall of agricultural output and food insecurity, increased danger of climate disasters like floods, tsunamis etc.

The impact on human beings is not the only thing we should be concerned about as well. The climate change has hugely adverse effect on ocean health and life. It causes decrease in available dissolved oxygen for use by the aquatic life forms. Similarly, the habitations for land animals are also under threat.
Another extension of food insecurity due to such climate malformations is the threat of international conflicts and geopolitical tensions. It can already be noted in the discussions in for a like WTO etc. By the same token, migration and climate refugee crisis is also expected to put more pressures on the governance and administration of national and international laws.

Looking forward, we need to develop international consensus on these issues and involve all the stakeholders. The recent exit of the US from Paris Climate accords is a setback to it. However, we need to unite in our attempt to reduce our dependence of=n carbon fuels and focus on carbon sequestration through afforestation, sustainable agriculture and scientific research for more corrective forms of human activity like commodity production, transport etc. On the same note, we need to develop alternative and cleaner forms of energy and utilization technologies to build a robust foundation for all the climate improvement steps,

It is also important to spread awareness and educate one and all with implications of our current state of existence and help each other in order to survive together. Infrastructure and climate finance is something that requires internal unison and togetherness. This is imperative to ensure a safe future for life on our planet.

Climate Change and Enviromental Issues Argumentative Essay essay

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How has climate change impacted the environment?
Climate change has caused rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and sea level rise, which have led to habitat loss, species extinction, and increased frequency and severity of natural disasters. Additionally, changes in weather patterns have affected agriculture, water availability, and human health.
What are the 3 main impacts of climate change?
The three main impacts of climate change are rising temperatures, more extreme weather events, and rising sea levels.
What are the 5 impacts of climate change?
1. Climate change will cause more extreme weather events, like hurricanes and floods. 2. Climate change will cause sea levels to rise, which will impact coastal communities.
Why is climate change an environmental issue?
More frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and warming oceans can directly harm animals, destroy the places they live, and wreak havoc on people's livelihoods and communities. As climate change worsens, dangerous weather events are becoming more frequent or severe.
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