Climate Change

Updated May 16, 2022

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Climate Change essay

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The climate change is caused by greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. This has to change and we have to start to doing everything we can to turn this situation around. We have to focus on what causes the most greenhouse gas accumulation. Furthermore, we have to find solutions and act on it, as soon as we can, because this problem is getting bigger day by day.

The year 2015, 195 nations (developed countries) decided to limit the global average temperature increase to well below 2°. This is called the Paris Agreement. Big factor is to reduce carbon emissions, but unfortunately that can take really long time.

In addition to make the atmosphere better, the people who live on earth must change their lifestyle and reduce personal emissions. First of all is to change consumption habits. Try living without a car and use public transport, if possible. Many families have two to four cars, which is not necessary. Try not to travel much by airplanes. We should eat more vegetarian food and use multifunctional products as much as we can. In each family one fewer child should be born, because each individual cause 58,6 tonnes CO2-eqiuvalent emission reductions per year. People attend to focus to much on lower-impact actions, which we do not have time to do.

Moreover, is very important to educate people, so everybody will be informed about climate environ. It would be best to teach our children about this, so they can be conscious from early age and then they are more likely to be environmentally friendly. They would be more likely to reuse. Things like multifunctional shopping bags and reusable water bottles matters. People should never throw clothes away, they should try to sell them or give them away to people who can use them. In household heating people can turn down thermostat, green energy should be used.

Iceland is very provided when it comes to the environment. Most of the people in Iceland sort their wasting. Which is very important and very helpful. For example, we use our resources better, we save money, less land will be used for refuse and only positive reasons. Plastic-use is the biggest problem in the world. If we do nothing there will be more plastic in the sea than fish the year 2050. Only 5% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the 95% is not. 40% of the plastic ends in the sea. These numbers are scary, we really have to start to do something. It is very different between countries how high percapita emissions are. In Australia the average is 16, 3 tCO2 per year, in Canada it is 13, 5 tCO2, the average in USA

Climate Change essay

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