Child Labor Laws: Saving America’s Future

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Child Labor laws saved a lot of children by making it illegal to exploit children in the workforce. Children have always been in the “workforce” but there’s a big difference between a child learning and children being exploited. Yes some of you think that the children are learning but they are still being exploited and that is the bottom line. We have to have laws to stop the employment of children. One because it’s the right thing to do. Two they need good education. Three it affects their health. Four they are our future. They are the only future we have. We are not going to live forever, so think about how the laws would help ensure the future is a good one with educated people who know it’s better to do what’s right than what’s easy.

Child labor deprives children of the education they need to become adults capable of making decisions based on what’s best for them. Some parents send their kids to work and don’t believe they need an education to survive in the world. When small children were working instead of going to school many adults could not read and write. Therefore the adults saw no reason for children to go to school instead of work. Since the adults had grown up unable to read and write and had lived in society just fine they saw no reason to give their children anything different. How are children going to learn if they are working all the time how do we expect our future to succeed if many of them don’t have an education?

Child labor deprives the children of clean working environments and clean living environments. The deplorable conditions in factories and mines can be life threatening to the children. Their young bodies can become weak from long over worked hours of labor leaving the children ill, weak and susceptible to communicable diseases. That being stated safety conditions are horrid as well. Many of the children are too small to properly operate and repair problems on the machines they must operate. This puts them in jeopardy of sustaining severe or fatal injuries. That would forever enter fear with them; having a future and being happy in life. The future would certainly be bleak for society as well because injured children grow into disabled adults if they live past the injury. Then they have to be supported by the tax payers since they are unable to work.

The future needs to be better for children. Child labor deprives the children of bettering themselves in the future. If they are uneducated they cannot prosper in our ever changing world. If we don’t have laws passed that regulate the dangerous and unsanitary conditions that plague these children’s young lives how can we avoid having a disease stricken future. With children in constant demand because they work cheap and are small, then if for say you lost your job and had to work in the factories then you would most likely be passed up for the “better child”. If we don’t stop this with laws and regulations. Then how are we going to ensure our future, our health, and our children. So that we can guarantee the children of the future do not have to endure the pains of child labor.

The very future of our nation depends on the preservation of children in positive and educated environments. Child labor is the monster with horrid and despicable conditions the children work to survive in while working hours and hours on end. Child Labor Laws are to protect not only the children but all of society’s future. Thankfully society saw the injustice of child labor and passed Child Labor laws that made it illegal to employee children in America.

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