Cause and Effect: The Increase in Online Education

Updated May 27, 2021

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Cause and Effect: The Increase in Online Education essay

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Modern technology is a mainstay in the homes and everyday lives of todays college students. From electronic textbooks to virtual tutors and professors, the use of the internet as a prime means of education is a natural next step. Everyday technology adapts to make life smoother, easier and faster and it was oly a matter of time before our means of ibtaining and education adapted as well. The main causes of the increase are due to the convenience of online learning, flexiblae pacing for program completion and the ability to pursue an education while still working. In the past decade, there has been a sustained increase in the number and frequency of college students enrolling in online courses.

Online educational programs offer the very best in flexibility. Before online elarning, working adults who wated to further their education had to quit their jobs or move then commute to and from campuses on nights and weekedns and basically overturn their lives. Today, with the vast availability aof onleie education, working professionsl are aong the largest group of college degree earners online. Juggling a family, career and pursuing and education is a difficult task. Online learning takes the added pressure off of individuals.

According to US News Data, 84% of online bachelors students are employed and the average age of online bachelors students is 32 years old (Friedman). What this tells us is that the online programs are utilized by people who have more finite goals and a concrete career aspirations. Since most online students have been to collge before, online educations offers a second chance at college to nontraditional students. It is because of this that online programs have grown so much over the past decade.

Online education has undoubtedly expanded access to higher education to populations that could not have previously studied in a traditional classroom setting. International students, military and otherwise homebound students have the opportunity to study a program they may not have otherwise chosen if it wasn’t available online. Hybrid programs are studies that split time between the online sections and the in class time, usually more of the former. Hybrid classes are an option for school that may or may not want to offer online programs they are especially good for busy students with jobs or internships that tie up their schedules.

One major effect is an increase in technological proficiency amongst working adults. For men and women who chose to re-enter college, utilizing an online class can help them develop computer skills they may not have had or known otherwise. In an online class, minimal computer skills are required. By the time a student completes a class they have likely self-taught themselves to use the computers in a more proficient way. Society is at the current height of technology. Using laptops, tablets and smartphones students are able to complete course readings, participate in discussion boards, send and receive emails, communicate with their instructors and do research.

Online education has the benefit of keeping students out of debt by removing campus related costs such as room and board, meal plans, textbooks and costs related to commuting to and from a school. Decreases in costs for students is a positive effect of online education, along with a sense of security for people with anxiety or social disorders and international students. The cost of upkeep of a physical building is virtually nonexistent. Since students do not meet for class, teachers are able to communicate with students one on one. Students in traditional classrooms may not get the personalized attention they need.

Most universities have classes with hundreds of students. In an online class, discussion boards and emails take the place of scheduling office hours to meet with professors. In an online class, the student can choose their classrooms setting, whether a public library, coffee shop or kitchen table, there are no interruptions, no being drowned out and not getting your questions answered. Tis level of communication and understanding leads to better academic performance, which is another positive effect of distance learning, online students are better students.

Online education has grown over the last few years. With an online class, you get to control your learning environment, which ultimately helps you develop a deeper understanding of the material youre learning. New models of learning are always in development,giving students the choice to customize their education into something suitable for them, not the other way round. It also provides students with a chance to complete a program they might have started and were unable to finish. The future of online degree education looks promising, and opens up education to a larger section of the population than ever before.

Cause and Effect: The Increase in Online Education essay

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