Capital Punishment Is Cruel

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Capital punishment is the cruelest form of criminal punishment in the American legal system. The taking of a man’s life as punishment for criminal behavior isn’t right. The government ought to nullify the death penalty and protect innocent people. The death penalty Death row sentences are usually given to those who are guilty of a capital crime. The death penalty does not ensure safety for victims who are innocent, it is a violation of human rights and does not successfully deter crime. The death penalty serves as a cruel and unusual punishment.

Through History the Death Penalty in America have tried to revise a more “humane” way to execute a person but till this very day, it has not done so. The most common procedures for the death penalty has appeared as stoning, drowning, burning, hanging, electrocution, and injection. The process of the death penalty is a difficult and painful process. The death penalty process has evolved over the decades and now the common form of process for criminals on death row is an injection. Since 1976, when capital punishment was restored in the US, 788 individuals have been killed by lethal injection. The system commonly includes the infusion of three substances: first, sodium thiopental to actuate anesthesia, trailed by pancuronium bromide to loosen up muscles, and the final step, potassium chloride to stop the heart. It is not so easy to consider the death penalty as a simple approach to penalizing the guilty.

The death penalty process everything is irreversible especially when someone who is innocent has to face the trial and tribulations of undergoing the death sentence. When an innocent person is executed it can not be taken back. It is common for innocent people to get convicted for capital punishment. The issue of innocent individuals confronting execution as a result of mistakes in the criminal justice process has not the slightest bit decreased since 1993. For example, in the summer of 1996, the province of Illinois dropped all charges against four men who had been indicted for a 1978 homicide.

Two of the men had been condemned to death. The examination which prompted the revelation that the wrong men had been sentenced was directed by three journalism students who were working on the case as an assignment for class. The clearest purpose behind the increase in the number of innocent cases being discovered among those on death row is the general development of capital punishment. As states and the national government expand the death penalty to new crimes the more likely more people will be on death row.

Capital punishment would have been reasonable if it were to prevent future crimes. Eighty-eight percent of the nation’s best criminologists don’t trust capital punishment acts as a deterrent to homicide, according to a new study published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. The Criminal Justice System does not believe that murder is right, so enforcing the death penalty is hypocritical. In reality, people would still commit crimes whether the death penalty existed or not. 10 out of 12 states that don’t utilize the death penalty have homicide rates underneath the national average. 50 percent of the states that use capital punishment have a homicide rate of the national average of 6.3 in 1998 (Death Penalty Info).

The Death penalty is time- consuming and also a human’s life that is at stake. One mistake can’t be changed. A person’s life can’t be given back when taken. We have discussed the major key points in abolishing the Death Penalty. There is no humane way to execute a person and it will not and can not ever be justified. Innocent people are put on Death Row and executed over the years. The death penalty has not proven a deterrence in murders. Through History the Death Penalty in America have tried to revise a more “humane” way to execute a person but till this very day, it has not done so. The public has turned it’s back on the use of Capital Punishment and is at a record-breaking low. In the nation today, States are reexamining their Capital Punishment statues. Americans are prepared to see it abolished.

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