Brown vs Board of Education to Me Was Inspiring

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In time there have been so many different case studies that have made it to the courts that have set forth our criminal justice system today but the one that will forever go in every history book has to be Brown vs Board Of Education because it not only set a statue that separate but equal was in fact a myth but it was the start of a movement that allowed a group of leaders to see that some progress can be made for the minority people. Brown vs Board of Education was powerful because it was supported by the facts stated in the 14th amendment which made this case a sensitive case and held to a higher standard than just a local law that was broken.

Brown vs Board of Education to me was inspiring because back in that timeframe people were scared to voice their opinions because of what might happen to them or their loved ones. The violence that had taken place for things so minuscule made the minority people nervous to step out of line and accept the inhuman treatment and inequality. A lot of people can say it was the Jim Crow laws that kept the minority in line, but I believe it was the mindset that their ancestors installed. See to me there is a common factor that has played a role in history that continuously repeats itself and at that time it was stronger than ever.

Colored people, Black people or any other names that race went by had a subordinate attitude and it was not a role taken on by all but enough for another race to believe they were superior to them which allowed them to treat minorities less than human. The only thing that changed from slavery was the releasing of the shackles no one was as free as they hoped for because they were still second-class citizens and got the scraps and low valued things that the majority race no longer wanted, and the education system was no different. From the conditions of the books to the overcrowded classrooms with the teachers that were barely educated themselves expected to teach the misguided and uneducated children.So how fair and equal can that system have been? See that system that was dealt with back in history is the same system in our current time.

Children in low income neighborhoods/ poverty areas do not get the same education as those in suburban neighborhoods or even middle classes zones because who wants to go to specialized schools and get great grades upon graduation with expensive school debts to end up working in the “ghetto” where they are needed but probably won’t be able to make a living because the pay rate is low and now they have to deal with an insane debt to income ratio that does not allow them to become successful. But that’s the world we live in where you work hard, and society beats you down even harder to keep you drowning. Brown vs Board of education was one of the most remarkable cases. When we think about the case most think about the racial profiling black children went through. How they couldn’t attend an all-white school because of segregation. The case was brought about when the parents of a young child sued so that she could have the privilege of attending an all-white school in her neighborhood but there was much more to the case.

The case was presented by brown because he wanted his daughter to attend an all-white school. He argued that having blacks and white going to separate schools was not in line with the 14th amendment. It wasn’t just about one child it became about an epidemic of black vs white children in the school systems (H.C.E,2017). The law was one that not only parents were fighting for but was set in motion by teachers, lawyers and student who wanted and deemed that a change was needed. The courts decision to side with the board of education when they said the school system had to be “sperate but equal” (equal facilities). Not really knowing what that statement parents argued that children should have equal opportunities. Although children weren’t getting the same educational opportunities the facilities were to be as equal as possible. The brown vs board of education was set into motion by one of five of the schools in the case Monroe Elementary school who were not only fighting for desegregation but to have equal rights, better opportunities and privileges among all citizens in the U.S not just African Americans (H.C.E,2017).

In reviews of the law court officials argued that having segregation was very unruly in the school systems. It was first presented to the courts in the year of 1952. The case was misjudged by the system. The case was overlooked by chief justice Fred M Vinson but never heard because of his passing. The justice system then replaced him with Earl Warren who was also the governor of California. Governor Warren eventually ruled against the educational system and made the decision to remove segregation from the school system. The very next year on May 17,1954 the Brown Vs Board of education laws was passed (H.C.E,2017). In addition to the law the courts agreed that the Separate but equal had no value and violated the constitution’s 14th amendment stating that. In my opinion the law made a big impact in the world today. With children being able to be in one classroom.

Sharing the same education under one lesson and one teacher. This made very a big difference in how children can be treated equal. It is my belief that racism as well as discrimination is something that is taught early on in life, so secluding classmates due to race would only further deepen the lines of segregation. There were some great outcomes from the case of brown vs broad of education. It sparked a wave of civil rights leaders’ desegregation was being deemed around the world by blacks. Although the courts ruled in Brown’s favor there were still some questions at hand. Public schools may have been granted desegregation, but they fail for a while at officially integrating black and whites into the same schools.

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What was the Brown vs Board of Education case why was it so significant in the US?
The Brown vs Board of Education case was a landmark legal decision in 1954 that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional. This case was significant in the US because it paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement and challenged the legal basis for segregation in all aspects of American society.
What was the social impact of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education?
The decision in Brown v. Board of Education had a huge social impact. It ended segregation in public schools and helped to break down the barriers of discrimination.
Which best describes how Brown v. Board of Education affected the United States?
The decision in Brown v. Board of Education led to the integration of public schools in the United States. This, in turn, helped to break down the barriers of segregation and to promote equality among all Americans.
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