Body Image is How People see Themselves

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Body image is how people see themselves whether it’s positive or negative. Negative body image is referred to an unrealistic view on how people see their bodies. Eating disorders can be the cause of a negative body image or even be caused by a negative body image. Negative body images are commonly seen in women but of course, men can suffer from the disorders as well. In early childhood you start forming your perceptions of your body, like attractiveness, heath, acceptability and functionality.

The image continues to form as you get older and the feedback you receive from peers, family, coaches, etc. Unhealthy or negative body image can include looking in the mirror questioning yourself, thinking bad things about your body frequently, comparing your own body to others and wanting a friend’s body, a celebrity’s body, a models body or someone else’s body on social media. You may look at a celebrity’s body in pictures whether it’s online or it’s a magazine and want their body, but most likely it is heavily photoshopped and very unhealthy. Models as well, they’re very unhealthy yet people still want to look like one. About 3,000 models that are from leading agencies were polled and about 94% of them had an unhealthy body mass index.

The body mass index was less than 18.5. Although you might not like your body and want a different Barbie like body you just have to remember that nobody is perfect so you just have to accept your body. When you look in the mirror don’t body-shame yourself look it the mirror and compliment yourself, the more you stand in the mirror and shame yourself the more it’s going to hurt your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if you look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud that you look bad or state the things you don’t like, don’t tell yourself the things you don’t like about yourself as much, even if it’s in your head either way it is going to hurt your self-esteem because you’re still stating the bad and bringing yourself down. Whether or not you like how you look, look in the mirror and respect yourself. Tell yourself you look nice or just say positive things about yourself. Tell yourself only the things you like, instead of talking about the things you hate. You might say you have nothing you like about yourself and you hate everything but just take a good look at yourself and find the things you like about yourself, it is very likely you can find one thing you like about yourself at least, whether it’s your hair, face, hands, legs, shoulders, etc whatever it is just find the things you like.

Sometimes weighing a little more than others or even being underweight can affect how you see your body. If you’re worried about your body try and take care of yourself more. Try eating healthy foods not just junk food. Eating well has you looking your best, it gives you all the energy you need which can boost your body image for treating it right, it’ll make you feel good. Get good sleep. If you get good sleep you’ll be feeling more refreshed and it can make you feel better. Be active, your body needs to be active to be strong, fit and healthy. You don’t need to play a sport, you can run, walk, workout, swim, do yoga or even dance. Pick something you like instead of it feeling like something you’re forced to do. You should feel happy. Doing anything active can get you a more fit body which may keep you feeling good about yourself.Don’t use plastic surgery as a way to escape how you look. How you look now is far better than spending tons of money on an unnecessary surgery that later in life you’ll most likely regret getting. Don’t let your true self escape from plastic.

If you’re having a hard time with doing stuff on your own to get you to feeling good about yourself you aren’t alone, there are your parents, doctors or therapists there to help you. There are therapists for a wide range of things that are willing to help you. If you’re having a hard time with having a positive body image work on liking you for you, and don’t wish you were someone else, just like everyone they have flaws too. Why wish to be someone else when who you are now is already amazing So if you’re having a hard time with body image seek help. Having a negative body image can lead to more than you may think. Having a negative body image will bring your self-esteem down. It can also cause depression, social anxiety, self consciousness, eating disorders, etc, if you let your negative body image lead to those problems without seeking help it can cause more severe problems.

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