Black Leader Malcolm X Personal Essay

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No man in history demonstrated the struggle, anger, and strong African- American beliefs like Malcolm X. Malcolm Little (1925-1965) changed his name into Malcolm X is a Muslim pastor and human rights activists in the United States.

To his worshipers, he is a brave black rights advocate, a man who sues white American with most serious crimes for his crimes against black Americans, critics promote racism and violence accused of doing. He is known to be one of African America’s largest and most influential in history. The aim of Malcolm X was to persuade his audiences and black communities to unite and fight for their civil rights in the Americas, and he convinces his public to be better aware of how government deals with them. He was also a “radical” and a supporter of violence.

Malcolm X used ethos, pathos and logos during his speech to communicate his message to the public.

The approach of Malcolm X to civil rights was entirely different from the approach of Martin Luther King Jr. He has experienced many important currents in US history and Black History. “Malcolm X was Born in 1925, he experienced racial violence as a young child, when his father was killed, many believe, at the hands of the Black Legion, a kind of northern version of the Ku Klux Klan” (Sullivan).

His family suffered from the grinding depression, aggravated by the death of his father and the mental breakdown of his mother. “As a teen, he experienced early integration: After his family disintegrated, he was sent to live with a white foster family and attended a predominantly white school” (Sullivan).

Malcolm X was arrested and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment on charges of larceny in 1946. Also, while in jail, several siblings joining the Nation of Islam have been visited to Malcolm X. “A small sect of black Muslims who embraced the ideology of black nationalism — the idea that in order to secure freedom, justice and equality, black Americans needed to establish their own state entirely separate from white Americans” (Biography.com). Before his release from prison in 1952, Malcolm X was converted to Nation of Islam (NOI). Elijah Muhammad taught that white society is trying to ensure that African Americans cannot succeed politically, economically and socially in their own country.

After the speech in 1952, Malcolm became Muhammad’s dedicated follower. Malcolm was nominated as Minister and national NOI Speakers by Elijah Muhammad. The younger man’s charisma, drive, and conviction attracted a 60-fold increase in new members — from 500 in 1952 to 30,000 in 1963 (Biography.com) Malcolm, a talented speaker, often spoke openly about the social struggles of African American citizens. During all those years, he was open-minded but extreme in his views, and he spoke provocatively about the racism of white Americans. He traveled through the USA to numerous African and Middle East countries, disseminating the name of the Nation of Islam and drawing attention to the oppression of African Americans.

Malcolm X criticized other leaders of civil rights such as Martin Luther King, Jr for not acting more aggressively. A peaceful nonviolent demonstration would be organized by Luther King, Martin, Jr. In contrast, Malcolm X’s approach was to use violence to compel the government to give civil rights to Black people, if the government refused. It is “liberty or death” (Moore). “Today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging. You can’t sing up on freedom, but you can swing up on some freedom” (Moore).

Malcolm X is a legendary convincing power based on several known communication capacities and factors that contribute to its unique attraction. The strong pathogens of Malcolm X were used as an emotional appeal in his speech to draw his attention to the crowd. In his argument about emotional appeal, he spoke of how black people are confronted every day.

The success of the Nation of Islam is in turn closely linked to Malcolm X’s powerful persuasive abilities as one of the most powerful and charismatic speakers in the movement for black rights.

He spoke with bitterness and eloquence about the exploitation of the black community, sometimes advocating violence or “whatever means necessary” for his cause. Furthermore, the poverty and spiritual despair of young blacks may play an important role in the emergence of Malcolm X as an important attraction. Taken together, these factors contribute to Malcolm X and his great interact and attraction in politics.

In 1965, he founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity as a secular vehicle to internationalize the plight of black Americans and to make common cause with the people of the developing world—to move from civil rights to human rights. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X took the stage for a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in northern Manhattan.

He had just begun addressing the room when multiple men rushed the stage and began firing guns. Struck numerous times at close range, Malcolm X was declared dead after arriving at a nearby hospital shortly afterward. In the immediate aftermath of Malcolm X’s death, commentators largely ignored his recent spiritual and political transformation and criticized him as a violent rabble-rouser.

But especially after the publication of his autobiography, Malcolm X will be remembered for his contribution to society of underscoring the value of a truly free populace by demonstrating the great lengths to which human beings will go to secure their freedom. “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression,” he said. “Because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action”. ( Biography ).

In conclusion, Malcolm X’s influence and persuasion came largely from his charismatic presence, the media, his ability to incorporate communication theories like cognitive dissonance, accommodation, process of mystification, and self-deprecation, as well as his use of Aristotle’s persuasion modes. Taken together, these factors helped to make Malcolm X one of America’s most controversial and enduring black leaders.

Taken together, these factors helped to make Malcolm X one of America’s most controversial and enduring black leaders.


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Did Malcolm X play a huge role in the Black Power movement?
Yes, Malcolm X played a significant role in the Black Power movement as he advocated for black self-defense, economic empowerment, and pride in African heritage. His speeches and activism inspired many young black Americans to embrace a more militant approach to fighting for their rights and challenging systemic racism.
What did Malcolm X say about black leaders?
"We need more than one kind of leader," Malcolm X said in a 1962 interview. "We need more than one kind of leader because we've got more than one kind of problem."
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