Updated August 12, 2022

Annotated Bibliography Kara Larson

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Annotated Bibliography Kara Larson essay
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This website contains the amount of people police has killed only in 2018. It also contains statistics on how many black people have been murdered. Blacks are 3x more likely to be killed by the police than white people. It states that there is no excuse for police violence and that 30% of the black victims were unarmed. In the cases 99% of officers haven’t been held accountable.

Lengthy statistics are listed throughout this website. It hits the jackpot for how much brutality has been shown towards civilians by the police. It doesn’t frame them as people rather just states what they have done and how they haven’t been charged for it either. For example, we have a statistics that states that a officer takes the life of a citizen every 7 hours. This websites also spreads the message that life should be seen as more valuable to others and that we must work together to fix this.

The Law Dictionary explains the clear definition of police brutality and what it clearly means. Some misunderstand the meaning and this cleans it up. It means the use of excessive force and/or unnecessary force by the police while dealing with civilians. The types of brutality are listed along with the history, media, racial profiling, the laws that involves police brutality. It sums up the whole meaning of the brutality that is so apparent nowadays.

This website talks about the problem of police abuse of power and how it’s a devastating and global issue. It lists a video that shows clips and brutality. Also there’s facts about the problem, trying to understand the issue, and the websites response listed on the website as well.

News containing police brutality is listed on this website. Most cases or event that have occurred between civilians and the police goes on this website. By reading through this website, you get the gist of most cases and how other people are reacting to this issue.

Annotated Bibliography Kara Larson essay

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Annotated Bibliography Kara Larson. (2022, Aug 12). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/annotated-bibliography-kara-larson/

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