Anime “Naruto” Itachi Character Analysis

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Naruto is a Japanese anime series that is based on a ninja world in which villages such as The Hidden Leaf Village, The Hidden Sand Village, The Hidden Rain Village, and many other villages live with their own morals and ways to live. Different clans live in each village. This Village happens to be one of the most powerful villages in this ninja world due to the clans that live in it. This ninja world is a place where people have powers that come from their ability to manipulate their chakra (the source of energy in one’s body). The Uchiha clan is said to be the most powerful clan in this ninja world due to their genetic powers and their ability to manipulate chakra. The Uchihas lived in this village. They were never trusted by the government that runs the village because the Uchihas have a history of using their powers to their own benefits regarding of what needs to be done. But both the clan and village have came to a conclusion and decided to cooperate and live together.

This anime series is about Naruto Uzumaki who is a kid who has dreams of becoming Hokage (the leader of the Village) but has many obstacles that he needs to hurdle through in order to get there. He is hated by all the people in the village as a kid but as he grows up he eventually becomes the hero of the village which is expected. Nobody would every look at an Uchiha and think that he is a hero because of the history that the Uchiha have. There is this character who I would like to recognize as the hidden hero of the leaf village, Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi is a member of the village’s police force and also the son of the head of the Uchiha. Itachi is said to be the strongest Uchiha alive. He has devoted his whole life to protecting the village regardless of what it is he needs to do. In the series Itachi is looked at as a villain because he ends up killing his entire clan (besides his younger brother Sasuke) and lives the rest of this life as a rouge ninja. Sasuke, who had a lot of love for his older brother now hates him. This drives Sasuke to have one and only one goal in life which is to find his older brother and kill him. Sasuke is very naive and driven by his emotions so he eventually ends up living the village and becoming a criminal because he needs more power in order to kill his older brother.

Before the night when Itachi kills his whole clan the Uchiha clan is planning on having a revolution against the hidden village because they know they are not trusted. The village is scared because even though the Uchiha clan is only a small part of the village, they were powerful enough to take over the entire village. The village’s higher ups secretly hire Itachi to “take care” of his clan (this is not revealed until late in the series). Once he kills them, he lives the village and lives as a “criminal.” He allies himself with an organization called the Akatsuki. They are a group of criminal ninja whose ultimate goal is to control the ninja world by themselves. Itachi is one of the most powerful ninja in this organization so whenever a plan goes towards hurting the Hidden Leaf Village he somehow manages to protect it without looking like he is protecting it. He is respected by all the Akatsuki members because of his abilities.

In reality Itcahi is always close to the village and taking care of it from the shadows. Nobody ever knows where he is but the people in the village believe that he is a very dangerous criminal who must be killed on sight. He takes in all the hate from the people in the village and his younger brother. This hate is what drives Sasuke to become eventually become the second most powerful ninja in this world. He has been influenced by his older brother with hate. Itachi is eventually killed by his younger brother and he dies with a smile on his face because he has done his job as a ninja from the Hidden Leaf by protecting it from the shadows and he had done his job as an older brother by influencing him to become stronger.

Itachi does not follow the typical path of a hero. He does not give hope, he is not kind, he is not honest, and he does not inspire anybody in any good way. But I think he does something that is even more interesting. Although he is courageous, humble, selfless, and goes above and beyond, he is willing to take all the hate from the people in his village, and most of all his younger brother all in order to protect his village because he made the promise to keep the Hidden Leaf Village safe no matter what needed to be done. People look at him as such a bad person because he killed his clan when in reality his clan was full of hate and were planning on killing many people in the village because they did not feel trusted. He never expected anything in return, because nothing will be returned to him and he knows it. His propose in life is to protect his people and his brother.

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How would you describe Itachi Uchiha?
Itachi Uchiha is a prodigiously talented ninja who was willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. He was cold and calculating, and his Sharingan was feared by many.
Why Itachi is the best anime character?
1. He is an incredibly strong and skilled ninja. 2. He is also a very complex and interesting character with a tragic backstory.
Why Itachi is the best character in Naruto?
Itachi is the best character in Naruto because he is intelligent and strategic, and because he is able to maintain his composure in even the most difficult situations.
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