An Electoral System

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An electoral system is a formal subfield study of politics. It organizes by government that shows a combination of aggregated votes to define how elections and referendum managed, whereas, it considered be valid by its final results (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2016). In its detailed importance, to identify the winner, the electoral system implemented by the number of methods such as plurality, majority and proportional representation (Matt Golder, 2013).

Indeed, different countries, have different electoral system that govern their elections and their overall running protocol of the government. According to Douglas Rae, in his recent analysis about majoritarian electoral system, he emphasized that, there are many countries such as Canada and the UK, that throughout the period they used same dimensions in their entire electoral system (1994). However, they have get different outcomes.

Canada and the UK, the countries in which this paper is going to take a detailed look at their electoral system, they have similar system and different type of governorship. In Canada, for instance, the electoral system currently used, which known as the first-past-the-post (FPTP) or plurality system. This system has been applied since the Confederation period (Joyal, 2014). Although, the UK, its electoral system is similar and the system is known as single-member plurality or FPTP.

Starting with a discussion, this paper will take a detailed look at that how Canadian and British government governorship and political system react to their electoral system. In broad objectives, this research will evaluate the impacts of general elections process, political participation and members election on the both countries’ electoral system.

In terms of these factors, this paper examined that since the Conservative period, the government of Canada has been undergoing a makeover in its electoral system. According to recent debates, the UK and Canada electoral system likely to undergo some changes from FPTP to PR system. However there is a lack of chance to change their electoral system through relevant factors such as by theoretical and political aspects. Theoretically, it provided by Duverger Law which tends to favour the two-party system that described by the competition between the Conservative and Labour Party in the UK, the Conservative and Liberal Party in Canada. Politically, it has been also resisted by both countries’ political participation to take an action toward making shifts from the current system.


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How does our electoral system work?
The electoral system in the United States is a complex process that involves citizens voting for their preferred candidate, who then receives a certain number of electoral votes based on the state's population. The candidate who receives the majority of electoral votes becomes the President of the United States.
What electoral system is used in the US?
The United States uses a winner-takes-all electoral system in which the candidate with the most votes in a state wins all of that state's electoral votes.
What is electoral system in simple words?
An electoral system is a way of choosing representatives to hold public office. The most common method used in the United States is plurality voting, which is also known as first-past-the-post.
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