A Comparison of What Makes Today’s Women Believe that they,in Their Natural State,are Inherently not Good Enough

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What makes today’s women believe that they, in their natural state. are inherently not good enough? Many females, from teenagers to middle-aged women. read magazines such as Seventeen Allure Vogue, Jane and Glamour, which are filled with dozens of models With couture bodies and flawless faces. This is one of many reasons why women are so preoccupied with their appearance. After reading these magazines, one must take a look at herself and notice that she looks absolutely nothing like these beautiful models. But who says women who don’t have thin figures aren’t beautiful? Today’s media is who Commercials magazines, ads, mowes, and bulletins all portray beauty at a very high standard that, let‘s face it a majority of women do not meet.

Not only have these movie stars and models created a false image for actual women in society but they are also role models for young girls. What kind of message does that send out? These industries act as a fetter in society by skewing the image of beauty. In effect, it causes several, although sometimes trivial, problems for women Living in today‘s society. Specifically, women are highly conscious of their weight, Glamour magazine surveyed women on what they would want to accomplish if they could achieve any goal possible, and An overwhelming majority replied that they would want to lose weight. Another survey was published in the New York Times found that women who had previously lost weight would deliberately choose to be deaf blind, or have a limb amputated rather than regain the lost weight.

Young women are being targeted as well. Almost half of girls aged 1217 have experimented With dieting and more and more teenagers are showing signs of eating disorders. Insecurity is starting at younger and younger ages and the pressure to be mm is starting earlier and earlier. For thousands of years toys have often been an indicator of the way society behaves and how they interact with children. Ask just about any young girl what she wants for her birthday or for Christmas and you‘ll undoubtedly hear the same answer “A Barbie” This doll is a contributory cause to why today’s children interpret if someone is “nice” by how aesthetically pleasing they are. Thanks, Barbie Mattel has created an entire entourage for Barbie including a brunette and an African American doll. in attempts to create a more diverse group of role models for young girls.

Although they may vary in hair color and skin tone they all have the same appearance in facial structure and body measurements. A ridiculous representation of what a woman should be it’s not difficult to see why mothers across the nation refuse to let their impressionable young daughters be influenced by painted plastic With such impossible real-life measurements. Most people Will portray these dolls as being stylish. Virtually perfect in appearance. havrng massive sex appeal and Iivrng very Iavrsh lifestyles. By givrng the female population such an unreasonable dream to achieve, it gives women and young girls alike the impression that they don‘t meet society’s standards if they are not up to the doll‘s standards. Are these toys held responsible for transforming little girls into the women of modern society? Television shows for children also send out negative messages.

Disney movies have always been a favorite for young girls and boys alike, Consider the movies Snow White. Cinderella. and Beauty and the Beast. They all have very beautiful main characters. Is there ever a character on the opposing side that wouldn’t be considered “ugly”? Of course there isn‘t. This sends out a message to children by saying that people who are unattractive are “mean” or “bad”. One shouldn‘t spend too much time at a popular magazine rack to come to the conclusion that beauty is slim. young. and most often white. They appear perfect but advertisers won‘t tell you that before the ads and covers are published they are sent to labs for retouching and airbrushing. and digital manipulation, Inches are taken off and added.

This obviously is creating a false image for the consumer. Such “perfection” is Virtually impossible to attain but most women tend to overlook the airbrushing and digital enhancement. The face on that glossy magaZine cover is not real. It is a lie it does not exist, the longer this illusow image of women is propagated and promoted in society the stronger and more menacing it will become. Women are not all made to be 5‘9″ and 107 pounds nor should they try to be. Until women start attempting to deconstruct the myth of the ideal female and giving into society‘s image of beauty they are only fettering themselves from the truth and chaining themselves to this illusion.

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