The 1950s in American History

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The 1950’s were the start of great change in American history. It was a challenging time for women and minority groups, yet there were many new games and toys invented. The invention of the barbie doll and the bravery of Rosa Parks affected people’s lives to this day. The bravery of Rosa Parks is inspirational. Rosa Parks was a Forty-two year old African American women.

Rosa stood up for what she believed in. She did not care what the consequences would be. Rosa graduated from Alabama state teacher college. In the 1950’s it was rare for an African American or Women to go to college. In the 1950s segregation laws put white people above black people. On December 1st, 1955 she was on a bus coming home from work.

A white man came onto the bus and wanted a seat. There were no seats left in the white section of the bus. The driver of the bus driver told Rosa and three other African Americans to get up to make the white section larger. None of them were happy about it but they obeyed except Rosa. She did not like the unfairness and chose not to move. She stayed in her seat and refused to get up.

The driver called the police and she was arrested. Four days later she went to court. She was convicted of violated city bus laws. The black people of Montgomery Alabama put together a bus boycott that lasted for more than a year. The boycott lasted until the Supreme Court said segregation on buses is unconstitutional. Rosa Park’s decision had an impact on segregation in the 1950’s.

The invention of the Barbie doll influenced the lives of people. Ruth Handler invented the Barbie doll in 1959.”All the dolls on the market were modeled on babies. There were no aspirational dolls out there” (Harrison 38). She got her idea from her daughter who was making dolls and clothes out of paper. Since her daughter gave her the idea she decided to name the doll after her. She named the doll Barbie which was her daughters nickname. When Barbie first came out each doll cost Three dollars. In the first year 351,000 dolls were sold.

Although many people loved the doll others did not. Some parents said it made girls want to grow up to fast. Some other parents said it made girls want to have Barbie’s unrealistic body. Later in 1997 barbie was changed to be more realistic. They gave Barbie a wider waste. They made several different new body frames.

All of them promoted healthier body image. Barbie was successful so they also made a male equal named ken in 1961.Barbie is an inspiration for young girls. The courage of Rosa parks changed the way people think of African Americans. The Invention of the barbie doll influences young girls in society.


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