5 Effective Home Remedies for Gas Problem during Pregnancy

Updated May 27, 2021

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5 Effective Home Remedies for Gas Problem during Pregnancy essay

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The experience of becoming a mother, although beautiful, is a challenging phase of life. A pregnant woman undergoes extensive hormonal changes to support the growing child. This hormonal imbalance consequently results in tiredness. To compensate for the natural fatigue, the body produces a hormone called Progesterone which relaxes the intestinal muscles and steadies the digestive speed of the body.

The slowing down of the digestive system along with the pressure exerted by the continuously expanding uterus adversely impacts the abdominal cavity which in turn induces gas in the body. The body then looks for ways to release the gas from the system to keep the digestive path clear, resulting in problems like indigestion, flatulence, constipation, bloating and belching.

The following remedies will help you stay healthy and gas-free during the most challenging and crucial stage of your life.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Increase your usual intake of water to 12 glasses per day. This will cleanse the digestive tract and deflate your bloated abdomen, thus combating the production of gas in the body. Carbonated beverages, such as soda, if substituted with water, will keep the fetus strong and unharmed. Set time slots for water intake to ensure better digestion.

Research shows that excessive intake of milk causes the body to secrete more of gastric acid, which is why pregnant women must avoid consumption of milk by substituting it with water. Lukewarm water, if consumed early in the morning, increases the digestive speed, breaks down food faster and assists in flushing out toxins.


During pregnancy, the body’s capacity for digesting carbs reduces. Hence, eliminating carb-rich foods such as starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn, whole-grain foods, cereals, breads, wheat products etc. from daily diet will prevent formation of gastric enzymes.

Replacing carbohydrates with calories, minerals, vitamins and proteins will eliminate stress and fatigue. Foods rich in fiber such as leafy vegetables, oatmeals, apples, etc. can be included in the diet. Adding fiber to the diet may cause gas, therefore, it must be added gradually which helps the body adapt and function accordingly. It is advisable to avoid fatty foods.

Say No to Refined Sugars

During pregnancy, cravings for sour foods increases thus making it easier to stop consumption of products rich in refined sugar. Any additional needs for refined sugar should be avoided as the sugary substance hampers metabolism speed.

Cravings for sweet delicacies must be resisted. These foods contain added sweeteners such as sorbitol, lactose, maltose, glucose and sucrose which causes a sense of bloating.

Herb-rich Diet

Including herbs in your diet will balance out the iron deficiencies. Mint, coriander, chamomile, tulsi, cranberry, raspberry, ginger, etc. have anti-inflammatory qualities which ease labour and elevate digestive speed.

Some herbs can be consumed raw while the others can be mixed into weak herbal teas which will not only add a flavor to your tea but will also increase metabolism and detoxify the body. The tea should not be extra hot as that can adversely impact the digestive system. Including honey and peppermint will prove to provide added benefits in curbing constipation and flatulence.

Regular Activity

Inculcating a brief exercise routine will accelerate the body’s energy levels. Brisk walking, yoga, stationary cycling, etc. may all assist in decreasing fatigue. This keeps the body active and energetic, improves sleep patterns and muscle strength and gets the digestive system running effectively. Pregnant women must render great focus on elliptical gym machines and low-impact aerobics. Floor exercises can be included in combination with careful stretching. Regular body movements keep the body active and help in better digestion.

If you incorporate these remedies in your routine, it will surely keep you and your baby healthy. As they are a great and easy solutions to the gastric discomfort that is nearly unavoidable during pregnancy. However, home remedies may take time to kick into effect and it may not be feasible to rely on them if you seek instant relief. Gas-O-Fast’s ‘Active Pudina’ is one of the many natural remedies for tummy troubles as it instantly frees the body of gaseous bubbles by reacting efficiently and breaking them down faster.

Gas-O-fast’s ‘Asli Ajwain’ serves as an Ayurvedic substitute for curing indigestion and flatulence. To ensure that the gastric problems don’t aggravate over time, you may consider Gasofast’s Tablets which contains antacids with antispasmodics that help to break down gas bubbles faster and eliminate flatulence and belching.

5 Effective Home Remedies for Gas Problem during Pregnancy essay

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